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Perhaps, not quite, le mot juste

Or les moteuax justes or however El Frogs do plurals:

While Michael Flanders loved a double entendre, the act that kept him and Donald Swann in shoe leather for a couple of decades

“Shoe leather” as a passing reference to someone confined to a wheelchair as a result of, I think, polio, might not be quite the right phrase.

9 thoughts on “Perhaps, not quite, le mot juste”

  1. . . polio which Flanders contracted while on active service in the RNVR in WW2, having been commissioned from a rating and already sunk by torpedo in a previous ship. A more-honourable service it would be difficult to imagine, which makes the ignorant, thoughtless jibe about ‘shoe leather’ from an upper-class twit like Hastings especially-galling.



  2. llamas

    “an upper-class twit like Hastings..”

    He wishes.

    Like anybody with an excess of plums in their mouth, Hastings is about as upper-class as Alf Garnett, but he would appreciate you thinking he is.

  3. Max Hastings was educated at Charterhouse and University College, Oxford, which he left after a year. His parents were journalists, so hardly posh.

    Although a grade A+++ prat, his ‘All Hell Let Loose’ (2011) is still the best one-volume history of WW2 in English.

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