Presumably to sell you some petrol with your latte

Caffè Nero rejects takeover offer from billionaire Issa Brothers

After all, their success comes from selling you a latte with your petrol….

3 thoughts on “Presumably to sell you some petrol with your latte”

  1. Nero is a slightly more upscale brand than Costa, it would be a shame to see it devalued by sticking a Nero Express vending machine in every forecourt or in every Asda. But as a business strategy, it’s a no-brainer.

  2. Slightly OT, but I’ve often thought a good headline for an Onion-like parody article would be:

    ‘Coffee Republic overthrown, Coffee Military Dictatorship established’

  3. Or:
    “Coffee Republic overthrown, Coffee producers’ democracy established”
    That would be more scary in the light of recent commenters that they would rather live under a Republic that guaranteed your freedoms than a democracy that could take them away if 51% of voters who could be bothered disagreed with you having them.

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