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Physical and sexual abuse was the most common type of abuse reported to the commission, but abuse also included the use of medication and medical acts [electro-convulsive therapy] as punishment, unjustified solitary confinement and isolation, improper strip searches and vaginal examinations, verbal abuse, racial slurs and “cruel, inhumane and degrading treatment”, as well as widespread neglect.


A quarter of a million New Zealanders held in state care suffered some form of abuse, a landmark inquiry has found, with the true number believed to be higher.

Presumably the people who argue for larger government, for it to have more power over us all, are those who think they’ll get to be the abusers, right?

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  1. For a small country with even today just under 5 million people in total–250 thousand seems a lot to be in state care. Poor orphans OK–but 1/16th of say a pop then of approx. 4 million– in care? As junior crims/mental patients?

    Maybe don’t put so many into care. And take a lot of salt with such claims.

    Yes there will be a small number of abusers/ill-treaters. But we have heard before similar claims around the world. A small number have some truth–but lots are psychopaths looking for compo regardless of who they destroy in the process along with the vindictive settling old scores. And attention seeking mental cases etc.

    At such distance with such claims and in a leftist controlled SJW shit-hole like Vagina-Dentata’s NZ–the real truth will be quite hard to find. And even harder to express.

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    You offer people millions of dollars to denounce people, then you get a lot of denouncement. This is not rocket science. It is also not sexual abuse.

    Because we are governed by people who hate us and the institutions that have made us rich and free, we get this self-harming behaviour. The solution is not to pay compensation but to lynch elites. See the harassment of soldiers who served in Iraq.

  3. I agree, SMFS. I’m thinking about the persecution of our soldiers who’ve fought in Afghanistan. I understand it started when one bloke was silly enough to talk to a social worker.

    I of course like the idea of the old Returned Service Mens’ League. The blokes can get together and get drunk, without SJW’s poking their damned noses in.

  4. A lot of outlets are reporting this as 250K estimated to have been abused.

    Well, I went away and read the relevant part of the report. What.A.Crock.Of.Shit.

    The upper end of estimated abuse is indeed 250,000. That is about a third of all those in care — 660,000 people in a 50 year period. Several statisticians have pointed out that the figure of those in state care in that period is clearly wrong, and includes a lot of double counting. A lot. Perhaps six times the actual number — there are as many kids in borstals as at ordinary boarding schools, for instance, by their counting.

    It gets worse. Those in state care include those at normal boarding school. I went to a couple of those schools in the period, as it happens. And there was sexual abuse at both and physical abuse at one. Both at the minor end of the scale and the kids involved were, apart from one case, hardly that affected (and he was troubled before the incidents). Dealt with swiftly by the schools when discovered, and very much not institutional.

    The actual reported rate of abuse for schools is 0.4%, which seems reasonable. Obviously many cases went unreported — though you’d suspect at the lower end of physical mostly.

    But after they massaged the figures, the report gives the upper end of suspected abuse in boarding schools at 45%. So boarding schools — where privacy is utterly lacking and pretty much everyone knows what is going on — has the highest rate of offending of any institution! Higher than places that even at the time were known to be very bad. It would seem, by their reckoning, that boarding schools were much more dangerous places than high security prisons for abuse.

    And so they get the ludicrous 250,000 cases of abuse. About 5% of NZ children who grew up during that era were abused under state care!

    I gave up after that. It is clearly nonsense.

  5. ‘A quarter of a million New Zealanders held in state care suffered some form of abuse’

    And there is that journalist word ‘suffered.’ Marking the story as BS.

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