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So we’d say Snippa is a populist then

And that, of course, is populist politics in a nutshell. Ignore the evidence. Dismiss the experts. Create a grievance. Hype it in the media. Find someone to blame. Ramp up the rhetoric. Repeat as often as necessary. Glow in the aftermath of rebellion. Never accept responsibility. Move on.

Everyone else who has done MMT hasn’t done real MMT – Venezuela, Zimbabwe etc. Everyone but me is wrong about MMT and that Friedman bloke, hunh, what did he know? It’s the Bastard Tories’ fault that we can’t have everything. Write lots of pieces about this and spout the nonsense on radio. It’s all the Bastard Tories’ fault we can;t have sugar and spice. Repeat as often as necessary. Glow in the aftermath of rebellion. Move on.

And never, of course, come back to explain why things didn’t work out. Just as he hasn’t over that previous Jihad about tax avoidance.

So, yes, I think we can safely say our Snippa is a populist. By his own definition. The defence would be that he’s monumentally unaware of his own behaviour…..

4 thoughts on “So we’d say Snippa is a populist then”

  1. A few days ago he was reducing the success of economic theories to the strength of the evidence-free ‘narrative’ supporting them. Now he’s criticising the use of ‘narratives’ by people he disagrees with, because their ‘narratives’ are evidence-free. And he’s blissfully unaware of the contradiction.

  2. Dennis, He Who Has A Degree In Economics

    Dismiss the experts.

    Says the self-taught economist who routinely dismisses large swaths of established economic theory that was developed by, well, experts.

    Yes, we have no self awareness.

  3. The defence is “not guilty by reason of insanity” [to be guilty in England, as distinct from France, you need “mens rea” and if you are insane you are incapable of possessing “mens rea”].
    Some of you may think that he lacks “mens rea” on grounds of stupidity, but since he passed the 11+ categorising him in the top third of local 11-year-olds, I tend to disagree.

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