Sounds like an underestimate to me

Exclusive: More than 10,000 patients caught Covid-19 while being treated in hospital

No evidence of course, just a hunch. People catch all sorts of things in British hospitals – don’t see why this one would be any different.

16 thoughts on “Sounds like an underestimate to me”

  1. The Johnson-rescuing vax saviour plan is rapidly heading into the usual farce.

    Any virus-passport plans they might have had will be fucked by those with allergies alone.

    And still nothing about the porker in the room. Does the new stuff have piggy products in or assoc with it?

    If so and they keep quiet about it leading to a substantial number of our dear friends in the RoP being defiled by injection–well once the truth emerges parts of British cities will burn.

    And if they fess up –what do they do with 3-4 million instant refusniks? Try to use the demo strategy–ie ignore them while trying to make millions of native British refuseniks into 2nd class citizens? Even in this sad wreck of a country that wont fly.

    Johnsons plans to save himself via vast numbers of phony not-ill casedemic “victims” followed up by Blojob posturing as vax saviour is coming apart already.

    All Bloj needs now for his utter ruin is a Brexit sellout and he will be done.

  2. Given that no measure taken has actually been effective at stopping people from getting CoVid at all, there will be a fair number of people who will have been infected at [X]. For any given [X]. Hospitals, NHS or otherwise are no exception.

  3. The sole reason why the figure might be accurate is near empty wards and the reluctance of the obsessively self-protecting nhs to actually admit patients.

  4. Bloke near Worcester

    Hunch? Maybe, but it fits with my observation. I only know 3 people who have had Covid – 2 of them caught it in hospital (and one of them died there). The third person was the wife of one of those who caught it in hospital.

  5. Anecdotally I know 4 serious cases, of which 3 were fatal. All caught it as a patient or while visiting a hospital.

    I used to visit regularly “a clinic” (not that sort). They stopped sending elderly patients to hospitals for acute treatment precisely because of this risk. The hospitals may be empty but I bet district nurses are being run ragged.

  6. Protect the NHS was the message, wasn’t it? It’s use that needs protecting from the NHS The Envy of the WorldTM

  7. 10,000 people caught it? I’d guess they mean 10,000 of the dead 60,0000 caught it in hospital. And even that is surely an underestimate, it’s probably over 20,000.

  8. I saw some stats that a 3rd of cases in hospital caught it after admission to hospital, so one of the biggest burdens on the NHS was the NHS itself.
    In one study they found no viral segments when swabbing surfaces in the ICU but general wards they found plenty

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