Such a strange idea

The less good news is that some people buy into the idea that racism is “natural”, that we all have an affinity with people who look more like us.

Someone’s really going to have to explain Haldane to Sonia Sadha. You know, the basics of how human beings work?

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  1. Nope, she doesn’t understand that humans generally prefer to live and mate with people genetically like themselves. (My wife, for example, finds inter-racial sex disgusting, even though she has non-white friends.) Children display a preference for their own race from about 18 months.

    Sonia Sadha’s view is unsurprising, given that she whines about stop and search. She should read the Met Police’s Ethnicity of Perpetrators of knife crime, 2008-2018 (FoI release): of the 30,486 perpetrators, 14,527 were afro-caribbean, while 9744 were white European, and the remainder were other non-white ethnicities.

    With 47.65% of knife crimes in London committed by blacks over a 10 year period when blacks were about 14% of London’s population, the police are fully justified in stopping and searching a disproportionate number of blacks.

    But then Sonia is chief leader writer at The Observer.

  2. There is a lack of understanding about the nature of structural racism; public thinking gravitates towards the idea that racism is about individual actions and responsibilities.

    ACKSHUALLY, bigots, racism is a mystical invisible force like a cuntish version of the Holy Ghost. It’s SCIENCE.

  3. So Much For Subtlety

    The Guardian buys into the idea that hatred of Whites is natural. And they so all they can to incite it as often as possible.

    I was happy enough not being particularly racist. But that only works if we all agree to give up racism. We tried that. White people really did. I don’t think there is any White racism in the UK or the US. But there is a lot of inciting Black and Muslim people to hate us. Inevitably we will hate back.

    Sad but there you are. You cannot unilaterally surrender in a race struggle unless you want you and your own killed out of hand.

    So Ms Sadha can f*ck off. I am sure she would be happier surrounded by her own. And not in the UK.

    What is more interesting though is the Observer endorsed the Court decision that letting children “transition” was wrong. Sanity at the Guardian? Can’t be. What’s the catch?

  4. Bloke in North Dorset

    In my naiveté I always thought leader writers were older, wiser, journalists who’d been round the block a few times and had developed a hardened cynicism and understood real life and realpolitic, someone like Andrew Neil.

    I think it was the Economist that finally removed those scales from my eyes when I leaned the Charlemagne column was written by a 20-something-year-old who looked like he’d feint if somebody said boo to him. I was also surprised how ill-informed Bari Weiss was on a wide range of everyday subjects when I heard her talking to Joe Rogan, and that was while she was still employed as an op-ed writer and editor.

  5. Actually… mrs. Theophrastus’ attitude towards interracial fun-excercise is quite natural for human females.
    Something-something evolution of our tribal form of living and that reflecting in our attitudes towards things. It’s actually roughly the same in other species with a “pack” survival strategy. Definitely the same for all social primates..

    Of course, us males, especially in our Prime, are a lot less inclined to be held back by such piffly female concerns. As has been proven time and time again in nature and human history. It’s what makes research of the Y-chromosome dirstribution so much fun..

  6. Never happier than when sitting in the pub with old friends who, unsurprisingly, all look like me. Have been mates for decades and are comfortable in each other’s company, OK so some are Jocks or hail from Ireland – America, Holland, Germany… But like as not all are white. I don’t operate a colour bar, it’s just that Black faces have never been part of my social or business circle. Don’t drink in the same pubs as I do; didn’t work in the same industry. And yet if a bunch of lads from Papua New Guinea paddled up the local river in a dugout canoe and stepped ashore wearing grass skirts adorned with shrunken heads, I know we’d get on famously and have more in common than I would with Sonia.

  7. I could quite easily go to ignoring any subdivision below ‘human being’ as a classification and treating any individual based on their behaviour. But they won’t let me. ALL the intersections want to be treated specially according to a self-defined grouping. It is silly to be obliged to do so when you can’t even tell by looking which group a person might subscribe to.

  8. So Much For Subtlety

    Grikath December 6, 2020 at 11:05 am – “Actually… mrs. Theophrastus’ attitude towards interracial fun-excercise is quite natural for human females.”

    Everything that women do is aimed at reassuring men they can safely continue to provide for them. That their children are theirs.

    Naturally women will say, often and loudly, they are opposed to sex with other people. The more other, the more they will be opposed to it.

    In a healthy society they will mean it because their men will be the strongest available. This is obviously not true of the UK – as you can see by what women do, not what they say.

    In the words of the late Aga Khan, “they called me a n****r and a w*g, and I boffed their wives”

  9. Actually… mrs. Theophrastus’ attitude towards interracial fun-excercise is quite natural for human females.

    Not so sure about that. Too many white mothers around here with coffee coloured kids in tow to indicate otherwise. Oddly enough I never see the fathers. Must all be at work.

  10. ‘Encouraging new research suggests effective ways of challenging prejudice’

    Twenty to life at a Yakutsk camp will cure it.

    The Left has gotten traction with claims of ‘racism’ for 60 years. Their most effective scam ever. The ironing being that in the 60s and 70s, the claim was that “He is a man, not a race.” “Judge him by the content of his character.” That all gave way to indentity politics. George Floyd wasn’t a man, he was a black.

    The demand to be recognized as different is a demand for discrimination.

  11. The stange thing to me is she seems to be operating under the delusion that natural == good. It is perfectly possible to accept that a) x is natural and b) x is a Bad Thing. Starting from b) and therefore deciding a) cannot be true is going to make efforts to reduce x considerably less effective.

  12. I’ve always wondered why people don’t see degree of racism as inherent in the way human genetics works. Self, family, clan, country, race. We are genetically wired to protect our self and family at the expense of other acquaintances. We support our clan in preference to strangers. People fight and die in wars against other countries. Why is it then surprising that we may have a cultural bias against people from another race.

    Note however this “racism” is just a natural bias: it does not preclude us from having friends and family from other races.

  13. BiND,

    “In my naiveté I always thought leader writers were older, wiser, journalists who’d been round the block a few times and had developed a hardened cynicism and understood real life and realpolitic, someone like Andrew Neil.”

    They used to be, but the incentives for poor men as bright as Andrew Neil to go into journalism aren’t there. My mate’s dad was a newspaper reporter on the Northampton newspaper in the 1980s and funded a reasonable size home and a car with that job. Reporters aren’t living like that now.

    It’s why newspapers are stuffed full of upper middle class women. Because they’re almost never the major breadwinner and they have family support to get there. They’re all writing articles about how skint they are, and that’s in The Guardian.

    If you understand city stuff, why would you write for the Economist rather than working in the city?

  14. @PJF/RlJ: Yes.. And that’s also right and proper…

    If 95% of women looks for “conservation” , that also means that 1 in 20 are looking for a variety in spice. Even if it’s 99% “conservative” , you’re looking at 1 in 100 Digging the Different.

    Either way this fullfills the purposes of Mother Nature: maintaining the proven status quo, while still providing enough “foreign” influx to maintain variety, and thus the ability to adapt.
    This does, of course have some rather harsh implications at the individual level, but I’ve yet to see an example of Mother Nature actually caring about anything on the individual level. The river does not care about Brownian motion…

  15. ‘The less good news is that some people buy into the idea that racism is “natural”, that we all have an affinity with people who look more like us.’

    “To assent to obvious lies is to co-operate with evil, and in some small way to become evil oneself.” – Dalrymple

    Sonia Sadha is evil. She lies to suck us into lying. To become evil with her.

  16. Recall an article once about racism in the adult industry that found for white female pornstars their popularity and earning went down if they did sciences with black men, so usually something reserved until later in careers when declining anyway

  17. One of my wife’s divorced friends briefly dated a Nigerian doctor. My wife asked if she had slept with him. The reply: ‘No, nice man, but if you go black, there’s no going back…’. Cue, feminine giggles.

    Most of the coal-burners I see with coffee-coloured niglets are low ‘sexual market value’ women. Few attractive women with a career or assets will opt for a black man, even a professional…

  18. I would only ever sleep with a woman. That is one that both presents as a woman and has a vagina. That makes me a bigot, apparently.

    But the progressive canon would insist that despite my utterly overwhelming preference for sex with women, that I am a paid up member of the patriarchy.

    So even by their own “logic” clearly there is no link between sexual preference and who you side with socially.

    I would argue that it is both possible to only fancy certain races and still be entirely unracist. They simply are not linked things.

  19. To quote Katherine Hepburn in “The African Queen” – “Nature, Mr. Allnutt, is what we are put in this world to rise above”. Of course racism is natural, it is still wrong.

  20. She fashions herself an ‘antiracist campaigner.’

    ‘Yes, there is an overall structural advantage to being white compared with being non-white’

    Racist bitch.

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