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Tangled logic spotted at British university

Selected University trans policy extracts
University of Leeds:

“Think of people as being the gender that they self-identify as.”
“A person should be addressed and referred to using the pronouns which make them feel comfortable. This could be he, she, they, per, hir or other pronouns. If you are uncertain, either listen to what pronoun others are using or politely ask what they prefer, for example “Hi, I’m xxx and I use the pronouns he and him. What about you?” Encourage others to use these pronouns too and if the wrong pronoun is used, apologise quickly and move on.”

To ask that I address Gary as she is fine. I may and may not, depends upon how polite I wish to be to Gary at that time and place. But the request is that I use certain pronouns, not that Gary does.

When Gary uses a pronoun to refer to the self the ones used are I and me. Just like everyone else. Therefore the “I use pronouns she and her” is not correct. That is the request that others use said pronouns, not that Gary uses them.

And yes, requests of others do indeed come with the possibility that those others say “Bugger off mate”. Whether that be asking them to buy you a pint, fondle your genitals or use a specific mode of address.

25 thoughts on “Tangled logic spotted at British university”

  1. A former colleague of mine is a professor at one of the Leeds Unis. I never really liked her very much, but didn’t dislike her ( I hasten to add), she seemed to treat the world as if she were an immensely superior aunt . She teaches something so unutterably tedious that I struggle to stay awake just reading her professorial title. She has “she/her” in her Twatter profile, but is not as far as I am aware a trans-anything and was, when I knew her, straight. She does seem to have an obsession with LGBT issues and owns cats, though.

  2. Furthermore it is impolite to refer to somebody in the third person if they are present. Therefore, Gary in your example should never hear what third person pronoun you use about xir. If you are addressing Gary directly you will of course use the second person pronoun “you” (unless you are being very poetic/archaic/intimate and use “thou”).

    Also, you can use whatever pronoun you wish when talking about me – why should I care?

    Have a Happy New Year!

  3. A few years ago I read Gibbons’s decline and fall of the roman empire (yes abridged)The guy’s a literay marvel for a historian, (i’m thinking of you Anthony Beevor). One of his themes is that the late antiquity and byzantine culture was very…..very preoccupied with theology and chariot racing. Nature of christ and the trinity that type of thing. The various chariot teams supporters formed factions – think the blues and the greens were the biggest. Always fighting at the lynch pin of several coups d’etat. A cross between the palio, 80s footy firms and sedition.
    All that to say this university theological claptrap is the same symptom. Uni rules the theology, twitter the factionalism.

  4. “And yes, requests of others do indeed come with the possibility…”

    A possibility approaching certainty with >95% confidence in case of this academic missive.

  5. If you ignore loonies you don’t need to worry about their pronouns.

    Happy new year everyone! All the best for 2021.

  6. The pronouns that make me feel comfortable are “White supremacist”, “Suck Cecil Rhodes’ cold stone dick”, and “Mohammed pigfuck”.

    I hope that’s OK with all you people, and thanks for asking. If you forget, just apologise and move on.

  7. In olden times, we called effeminate men pansies. Can I suggest pansy as a pronoun for trans women? It’s a nice flower and so surely no offence could be taken?

  8. When Gary uses a pronoun to refer to the self the ones used are I and me. Just like everyone else.

    What about people with multiple personalities?
    Surely their selves pronouns are We/Us.

    Happy New Year

  9. It’s just another sign of the degradation of modern education. He and him are not two pronouns, they are grammatical forms of one pronoun, the masculine singular.

  10. Went for an interview at Leeds Uni for a technical role. Of the 3 interview panellists, one was from HR and another was an academic. Both asked many question relating to how one might pander to the many self-interests you might encounter on campus. Very few question related to the actual role.

    I’d actually worked in academia before (about 20 years previously) and the change was quite striking. The rot had started back then even – the female staff at that institution were up in arms about security wanting them to wear passes. The problem? That you could tell they were women if it had your name on it!

  11. I can’t tell what gender people self-identify as, I can only see what gender the express as – when will they get it into their head, mind reading is fiction.

  12. So Much For Subtlety

    DocBud December 31, 2020 at 11:03 pm – “The good news is that the Court of Appeal says that we don’t have to change our views and behaviour, even if that causes offense. If you believe there are only two genders, you are allowed to use language that reflects that.”

    The University of Leeds may well disagree. They may have another policy.

    University are shitholes. If there is work outside of STEM to be done, it almost certainly will be done outside the campus.

  13. SFMS,

    Very true, but if they expel a student for refusing to use someone’s preferred pronouns, the student will be able to sue the university for any damages incurred.

  14. An old friend of mine routinely answers my calls with a cheery ‘How yer doing, cunt?’ So pronouns are the least of my worries. Remembering not put him on speaker at work is

  15. I refuse to start 2021 considering geezers-in-frocks so I can only say a Happy New Year to one & all & may this be a better 12 months than the dozen just expired.

  16. Probably purging the education Educational Estab isn’t enough.

    All those Institutions who do actual science/eng etc need to be purged. By WHATEVER means are needed to halt Marxism’s attempts to do to science what they have done to the “humanities”. Defund rogue Departments, fire leftist staff and expel leftist students. End all marx cant and indeed treat it –for a few years at least until it begins to die out–as the new “hatespeech”.Punish and destroy ANY expression of leftism anywhere in the system. And establish a harassment corps whose job would be to ensure ruined leftist scum have no chance to re-group and counter-attack.

    As for “Humanities”. Just close the Depts and sack the teachers/expel redrubbish students. Re-hire non Marxist staff onto a virtual campus–so the worthwhile bits of history etc don’t just die–but otherwise sell the buildings –all save listed ones etc.

    Would save a fortune and stop the money/resources now being spent to foster Marxist evil in our midst.

    There is no bright space-faring civilisation in our future unless socialism and greenfreakery are defeated in the next 2 or 3 decades. Maybe only the next 10 years.

    Which is why bringing down faux-patriots / faux-Conservatives like Blojob and the present gang now becomes vital.

  17. The good news is that the Court of Appeal says that we don’t have to change our views and behaviour, even if that causes offense. If you believe there are only two genders, you are allowed to use language that reflects that.

    1. For now
    2. It took a battle to the Court of Appeal to get even that

  18. So Much For Subtlety

    DocBud January 1, 2021 at 12:23 am – “Apologies, SMFS, I hope I didn’t cause offence.”

    Well you didn’t use my preferred pronouns so I am traumatised. I may never hit 18 under par again.

  19. I can’t understand why being just a regular homo, lesbian or tranny suddenly became so unpopular. Is it narcissism?

  20. Just wanted to take this opportunity to announce that I’ve transitioned meself, into the Aristocracy. My pronouns are Her Serene Highness and Milady.
    If Gary is reading this, Hello Gary, should we ever meet you may curtsey to me while grovelling and mumbling “.. yer serene ‘ighness”.

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