The Monty Python line was a joke

This would require a new tax on property sales and a levy on the freeholders which own many cladding-hit blocks. It also proposes additional taxes on non-dom and foreign buyers. From April, overseas buyers will pay a 2 percentage point stamp duty surcharge and the report said this should be increased further.

Let’s tax foreigners living in foreign countries was indeed a joke, not a plan.

8 thoughts on “The Monty Python line was a joke”

  1. From April, overseas buyers will pay a 2 percentage point stamp duty surcharge . . .

    Mystery as property values decline.

    “But the need to fix these buildings is immediate. Something must be done now.”

    If the buildings are an immediate fire hazard they should be evacuated and condemned. There is either a danger to life or there isn’t.

  2. I wonder if we are about to repeat the asbestos fiasco. Brown asbestos was a killer, but they lumped white asbestos (much more commonly used) in with the brown. The result was Lloyd’s brokerages, building companies, freeholders and tenants going bust.
    I expect there are several kinds of cladding, some wrongly categorised as a fire hazard.

  3. The Vikings, the Elizabethan sea dogs, the Mongols, the Romans etc etc.

    Taxing foreigners is pretty common really.

  4. Mystery as property values decline.

    To be fair, it is widely agreed that hosing is too expensive, but no-one seems to want to do anything that will actually cause the prices to fall.

    Or, as I put it at a Battle of Ideas event on generational inequality, it is a truth universally acknowledged that a young man in want of a house, must be in possession of a good fortune…

  5. I’m guessing this sort of thing would have been illegal under EU law? Treating all Europeans equally seems like a fairly core EU value. Or do they get around it because it’s about residence rather than citizenship?

  6. Have I got this right – a couple returning from Hong Kong will pay a higher price for a property if buying now in preparation to come here compared to buying after they’ve arrived.
    Disgusting, xenophobic. Is there an organisation willing to put HK-ers up for however many weeks is needed to meet the criteria for being a resident, I’d like to know.

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