The slave drivers of capitalism

Spain’s leftist government is mulling a radical move to a four-day week

Why would they want to force people to work that much?

4 thoughts on “The slave drivers of capitalism”

  1. Exactly, they only do three days work at the moment, albeit spread over 7 days, not including feast days Saint’s days, assorted other religious holidays (Day of the Dead etc.) and ‘lodge’ type knees up weekends.

  2. Living in Spain one notices that the Dago working class aren’t particularly lazy. If anything, they’re more industrious than the Brits. And without the UK welfare cushion, there’s not nearly as many complete layabouts. It’s the fucking middle class is bone idle. And the sense of entitlement is glaring.

  3. I would like to see that implemented, and then enforced rigorously. For everyone.

    No more Real Madrid and Barcelona winning all those international trophies, if they can only train three days a week (two in weeks when they place twice).

    It would be nice to see politicians forced to only speak, tweet etc on four days a week.

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