This got published?

Paid for?

In the bathroom mirror, I watched his fingers carefully untangle my ends and make way to my roots. The tenderness mimicked a slow peck: poised, unhurried, precise. It was the sort of grace I thought I gave my hair but at that moment realized I didn’t, and maybe never had.

My morning routine offered compassion to my T-zone and its dry patches, offered time to my lash lines and their wont for bold cat eyes. But as for my hair, I was often impatient, tactless, lacking the due care for its needs.

Jeez, no wonder Matty and Ezra left…..

10 thoughts on “This got published?”

  1. I’m probably the only bloke here who knows what this was about. I’ve lived with it. The regular 350€ hair bills. The braiding-in sessions fueled by endless cans of fizzy drinks & noodles deliveries. Record was 14 hours & having to take the stylist home at 3 AM in a deluge. Having drawers full of plastic bags, each containing the makings of a good sized floor-mat. Sharing a bed with a damp sheepdog. Getting suffocated under a heap of rope in the middle of the night. Or battered senseless with woven in glass beads. The endless selfies of whatever the vary temporary current style looks like with half the contents of the wardrobe. I could go on a lot longer than this bint did.

  2. Look mate, if I had any influence she’d worn it natural. Looked like she belonged on a jar of marmalade at times but… I like marmalade.

  3. Collected the set, TMB. And I still have them! The temptation to pin them on is overwhelming.
    #blacklivesmatter !!!

  4. @ Machiii

    Currently, she works as a customer service rep for a dating app.

    Customer: Hello, your app is not giving me the he/she/it of my dreams

    Lore-Yessuf: Have you given some grace to your hair?

  5. So Much For Subtlety

    Steven Sailor has noticed that Black female journalists are disproportionately interested in their hair and assorted issues. So much so that there is an entire genre of “then racists touched my hair” stories. This just seems more of the same.

    He puts it down to the unqualified being over-promoted. Perhaps. No doubt someone told them that they would write about what they know. But no one told them no one else is interested in self-adsorbed narcissists.

  6. @SmfS
    There is a market for it. You only have to listen to women talking together. This sort of thing will be the subject of conversations. For hours. For a certain sort of woman they’re important topics. So if they don’t have a confident at hand to bleat to & be bleated at, they’ll seek it from other sources.

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