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There’s an old story – apocryphal, of course – that a guest at a State Banquet takes a drink out of his fingerbowl. So Brenda does too. You know, just to not show him up.

Margaret Tebbit, paralysed by the IRA bombing:

At a banquet at Buckingham Palace, Margaret, struggling with a salad, asked a member of the Royal Household whether he minded if she ate with her fingers. “Not at all,” came the reply, and he quickly imitated her.

And I think better of the One Eyed Viking for this too:

Margaret never forgot a kindness, whether that was Gordon Brown bringing food, wine and guests to her side at No 10 when her wheelchair failed to fit into the lift,

13 thoughts on “This, I like”

  1. A noble example of the political wife. So far as I am aware, she never gave an interview, was never the subject of a media story, never attempted to influence policy.
    What a contrast with Carrie.

  2. allthegoodnamesaretaken

    “What a contrast with Carrie.”

    Not so much pulling on the levers of power, but tugging them off…

  3. When I knew Gordon Brown he was an OK bloke (apart from his obsession with politics). I must admit that from a scholarly point of view it was sad that his PhD was in the dud sub-discipline of Labour History rather than something non-dud. He was the second cleverest History research student I knew.

    The poison entered his soul I think when Blair double-crossed him on the Labour leadership. After that it was a Shakespearean tragedy.

    I’m glad to know that he behaved so well to Mrs Tebbit. Perhaps marrying had done him some good.

  4. I still think the one-eyed jock fuckwit is a cunt.

    When he personally returns to me the value of my pension that he stole, my opinion might change.

  5. The Other Bloke in Italy

    Tim, on your next post, about Coinbase, the Reply form is not showing again.

    Not that I have anything to say on the subject…

  6. Far too kind to the Bottler. He prob calculated it would look good if the press caught wind. If they didn’t–well a throwaway gambit that might have paid off.

    Like Blojob in some ways Bottler was all about becoming the RT Hon G Brown PM of Great Britain and Northern Ireland etc etc–and that was what it was always about.

  7. Bloke in North Dorset

    Remarkable woman, indeed remarkable couple.

    What’s the opposite of stoic? Because whatever it is we seem to have gone from a country of stoics to whatever the opposite is in 3 or maybe 4 generations.

  8. Bloke in North Dorset


    The question I asked about Julie Burchill’s advance and manuscript has been answered, thanks to the Free Speech Union she gets to keep them both. Good.

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