This is a surprise

Oligarch Farkhad Akhmedov’s lover was beauty queen half his age

So Miss Adamova, what first attracted you to the billionnaire Farkhad Akhmedov? It being possible to note two points that might have interested him….

Seriously now, rich bloke gets popsie is hardly news, nor that popsie seeks rich bloke. This is human beings we are talking about here.

11 thoughts on “This is a surprise”

  1. It being possible to note two points that might have interested him….

    She has a history-of-art degree (he collects art). What’s the other?

  2. In all seriousness the Times knows this too, but also kno we fools like it confirmed regularly, say every day, just to reassure us.

  3. The Times, with pretensions of class, has to publish a story alongside some fruity lass.
    The Sun omits the text and just prints a bigger picture of said features.

    This is called “journalism”. And The Times readers feel superior, their paper not having a page 3.

  4. Interesting chap. Can’t blame him for wanting the 6 foot blonde nor for thinking that £454m is a bit steep for a payout to his ex.

  5. From memory, the odd thing about this case (or at least, I found it odd) was that there was no suggestion he’d been cheating on his wife with said younger model, and indeed he only started this new relationship after his previous one ended. Which was because his wife had been cheating on him with a younger man…

    I used to think if you’re married to a billionaire, it’s a bit of a risky business to cheat on them (usually “him”) even if you have the sinking feeling that he’s liable to be copping off with other women. I mean that’s a lifestyle and social circle you’d never be able to afford or access on your own, a whole league about “mere multi-millionaire” level. But if the divorce courts are willing to grant a favourable settlement, then perhaps the risk is worth taking, particularly if you think the outcome will make you happier overall.

  6. @Pedant-General

    I suspect a large part of the reason this is “news that’s fit to print” is that, however unsurprising it may be, it’s an excellent excuse for the picture editor to splash some totty about. Mail Online seems to have turned this into an artform.

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