Those appalling, disgusting, Republicans

Warnock is the senior pastor of the Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta — the church Martin Luther King Jr. preached at in the 1960s. And Republicans have been using excerpts from Warnock’s own sermons to attack him.

This rhetoric carries a specific connotation, Black theological experts told Vox.

Really, imagine that. Using what a man has actually said to attack him during an election campaign.


14 thoughts on “Those appalling, disgusting, Republicans”

  1. I’m not going to follow the link to see what the specific connotation of using a man’s own words as the basis of attack is but I’m guessing: blah blah racism blah white supremacy groan bore fart it’s not fair blah blah logic is racist etc etc

  2. laughable- especially Ella’s desperation as she tries to make something of a theological defence.
    But the full quote doesn’t help and she’s wrong to claim its theologically sound on the grounds the quote was itself based on Matthew 6:24. But Matthew 6:24 -doesn’t say anything the military. So our would-be reverend senator tacked that bit on, all on his lonesome. And so back to Tim’s point. He said it. His opponent quoted it. Sweet Georgia Brown can make her own mind up.

  3. Moderate Liberal Centrist

    Some say Georgia Republicans are playing off heightened political polarization and “the politics of fear.”

    Which is exactly what we’ve come to expect from these climate crisis denying racist nazi neo-Confederate transphobes who have already deliberately murdered 200 million Americans with Coronavirus.

  4. Warnock said “America, nobody can serve God and the military. You can’t serve God and money. You can’t serve God and mammon at the same time. America, choose ye this day who you will serve.”, which is undeniably true and should be defended on that basis. If someone says that their whole morality is based on the principle of doing what is best for America, regardless of consequences elsewhere, then I would hope that would be seen for being a nasty, selfish attitude. Some republicans merely go further and believe so much in American exceptionalism that they think their god favours America in all things, removing the needto choose between their god and their country.

  5. You’re missing the point that is being made. Two of them in fact.

    The D complaint is that the Rs are taking what the man said and then using that in an election campaign against him. This seems an odd thing to complain about.

    My point is that the complaint seems an odd one. Nothing to do with the content of what he said nor whether I agree with it or not. But that to complain about a man’s words being used in an election campaign is indeed an odd complaint.

  6. The Dems have been pushing for more US troops in the Middle East for four years. Trump was opposed to US citizens dying for ill-defined causes rather than direct threats. The Ds gave him four years of shit as a result.

    Ds need to oppose a serve God or country message, not Rs.

  7. A Nigerian preacher of my acquaintance used to regularly and very loudly proclaim “Give your money to Jesus !” – I’d wager Warnock has a remarkably similar spiel from his pulpit / podium.

  8. @tomo That is an established and time-honoured religious practice.

    Look into “taking the tonsure”.. It’s in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicles..

  9. Entertaining article. After saying that Warnock didn’t say ‘that’, she then goes on to prove he DID say ‘that’.

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