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To American readers


Maybe someone can aid here.

I might have mentioned this before but the last solution didn’t seem to work.

The Robin Hood stock trading site. It used to have an API that allowed places like RobinTrack to tell us all what were the stocks the folks at Robin Hood were interested in. Sorta a leaderboard. Not of gains and losses, but volumes of trade through the platform. That API is been cut off. But, I think at least, the leaderboard still exists within the site.

I can’t gain access to the site from Europe. Even if I could I’d also need a US bank account to show them to prove that I really was in the US, not just on a VPN.

So, to see that leaderboard, on a regular basis, it needs to be someone in the US who a) has an account and b) will, two or three times a week perhaps, send me a screen shot or the like of that leaderboard.

Umm, anyone?

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