We have some RN types around here

So, who has phoned up the Icelandic Navy? Asking for some of those trawl slicing gadgets they used to use.

You know, cut across the stern of a trawler, ooops, suddenly, net falls off?

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  1. Discussing the ‘Cod War’ last evening with my mate (ex merchant seaman) over a couple of beers. We had a navy back then and still didn’t win, so what chance have we got now – we can’t stop a lilo with 8 migrants on it for fucks sake.

  2. So you think BlueMarxist “Bulwark against Marxism”” Blojob Johnson is doing anything more than running his faux-patriotic gob do you?

  3. You could try towing the migrants back. Of course the Frogs would interfere. The most essential point would be ensuring that French interference would result in the migrants drowning.

    It’s only by making it very risky that your policy can succeed.

  4. So Much For Subtlety

    Those nets are hundreds of thousands of pounds each. No trawler is going to risk very many of them.

    The RN probably has one or two anti-mine paravanes lying around. Maybe not. I don’t suppose the RN is prepared for anything, you know, remotely resembling war.

  5. Bloke in North Dorset

    As long as they collect the and don’t leave them to clog up other vessels.

    Sailing back from Cherbourg a few years ago I could see a friend about 2 miles on our starboard side going about the same speed. All of a sudden he seemed to be going backwards and that was in the shipping lanes.

    Turned out he’d collected an old fishing net that had fouled his prop and rudder and the best he could do was make about 1kt drifting drifting the currents. The Weymouth lifeboat had to come out and there was so much net they couldn’t risk getting close to put a man on board, usual procedure when towing, and had to fire a line over his bow so he could attach it.

  6. Rather than cut the nets, confiscate the boats, repatriate the crews and then hold regular auctions to allow the UK fishing industry to grow to its pre-1973 size, subsidised by the French.

    In the case of a fishing boat that does not surrender, Géricault holds the clue for the impetuous frog.

  7. Didn’t we lose the cod war because Iceland threatened to pull out of NATO if we didn’t back off? Also this time the roles would be reversed and we’d be on our own turf (or surf perhaps).

  8. TMB, charge and imprison the crews and publicly sink the boats using the navy like the Indonesians do to Chinese crews and boats caught in their waters.

  9. @ SMFS:

    ” I don’t suppose the RN is prepared for anything, you know, remotely resembling war.”

    Having the gear or not is irrelevant if you’re not prepared to use it. Our current Establishment has failed repeatedly to demonstrate that it’s on the side of the British.

    If Dunkirk happened today, the BBC would probably have reporters embedded with the f**king Germans.

  10. How many suitable vessels does the RN have? Half a dozen? twenty? Not much use against 1,000 trawlers who will be informed by the French govt about their movements via satellite tracking.
    We’ll need a whole new class of coastguard cutter, low cost all-weather small crew a couple of popguns. And then they’ll get diverted to humanitarian duties as France copies Turkey and releases thousands of migrants in rubber boats and a compass but not enough outboard fuel.

  11. ” I don’t suppose the RN is prepared for anything, you know, remotely resembling war.”

    Reminds me of the story behind the Radio Caroline ship “Ross Revenge”. Originally built specifically for the cod wars, it was much larger than most of the UK trawlers and technically advanced for the time. This included a powerful engine, driving through a fluid coupling and reversible prop, which gave it excellent maneuverability and a top speed of over 25 knots. It could fish until the Icelandic navy came into view, then quickly haul up its nets and outrun them…

  12. Philip, you don’t need to catch every boat, or even most of them, just ensure that the punishment is enough that the risk isn’t worth the reward. Risk = probability of getting caught x cost of getting caught. That simply has to be more than the reward from a fishing trip.

  13. Addolff said:
    “now we can’t stop a lilo with 8 migrants on it”

    Can. Just won’t. Political lack of balls, not equipment.

  14. I understand the approved technique is to drive a nuclear submarine past at 25 knots, tangling the nets and pulling the trawler over and under before anyone can send a distress call. Few survive, and have little evidence of what happened.
    Nuclear submarine movements are of course highly secret, so plauisible deniability is assured.
    Well, it’d be nice if they could do it deliberately occasionally, in the country’s interest, rather than randomly on some poor fishing sods. They seem rather good at that.

  15. “Well, it’d be nice if they could do it deliberately occasionally, in the country’s interest, rather than randomly on some poor fishing sods. They seem rather good at that.”
    Always in the Irish Sea, though. I thought back at the time it was just as likely to be Russian subs, snooping.

  16. Funny how the EU imagines it has a “legitimate” claim on the fish in the UK side of the Channel but is not responsible for the migrant’s dinghies on the surface. Let them have some fish – providing France agrees to take back all cross-Channel migrants?

  17. Must say, I approve of PJF’s idea!
    Impound the boats caught fishing illegally, fine them, then hand ’em back stuffed full of illegal border-crossing criminals, with a trail of filled rubber dingies in tow also. See if the French let them back, and the fishing boat owners response.
    Let the French fishies attack the French pols for that!

  18. Let the French have fuck all Theo. Your gang of BlueMarxist wanks have already paid millions for them to not send illegal trash. They took the money, laughed,and sent more of them.

  19. MOD won’t allow RN to use 70s net cutters – obsolete equipment

    They’ll give BAE £billions to create an AI mini-sub with laser cutters and environment friendly ‘net retrieval pods’ deployed from new class Green Cutters

    Deployed in 2030, equipped for not with engines

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