Well, this works then

This year, I took a leap of faith and married someone I’d only met three times
Ellie Mae O’Hagan

Apparently she thinks about marriage rather harder than she does about economics……

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  1. Otto, can you imagine the distress that will be experienced when the first child comes out of the closet? As straight.

  2. “Darling, on this our wedding night, there’s something I must tell you…Once, I was a hooker…”

    “OK, that’s a bit of a surprise…but, in some ways, it is quite erotic, so tell me more…

    “Well…my name was Nigel and I played for Wigan…”

  3. Bloke in North Dorset

    Oh she married a MAN !

    How bourgeois.
    Indeed, I thought the modern craze for women like her was to marry yourself.

    It suppose this will now provide he with an endless number of columns about how men are crap about the house, like going off with their mates to the footie and for a few pints etc.

  4. “Darling, on this our wedding night, there’s something I must tell you…Once, I was a hooker…”

    “OK, that’s a bit of a surprise…but, have you tried using a 9-iron and holding it like this?”

  5. The headline suggests just three meetings, that if you read the article is very misleading, it was for today a normal relationship, three very long weeks, months meetings.

  6. ‘taught me that love is about solidarity’

    An independent trade union in Poland?

    Wait. Unity or agreement in feeling or action, especially among individuals with a common interest.

    K. I get it. She tells him what to think and do. He agrees; they have solidarity.

  7. “so I spent much of the trip reading out tweets to him.”

    I can’t think why she may ever have struggled to find a decent bloke…

  8. So Much For Subtlety

    What I like about that is how old fashioned it is. Well, part of it. Part of it is entirely what you would expect if human sexuality had, you know, evolved or something.

    The traditional romance says he should be tall, dark and mysterious. The evolution bit says she wants a man who can protect her by killing a sabre toothed tiger with his bare hands if need be, and provide her with high quality children.

    So how does she describe him? Handsome, certainly. In line with both theories. A former Naval officer? So definitely a man of violence. Quiet and patient. So a bit of the traditional romantic hero. Cocooned? Definitely protected.

    For all her Right-On-ness, she picks a man proven to be capable of violence (even if as a Navy officer it is usually at some distance with a whole lot of technology inbetween), who makes her feel safe. And this is what she admits in public to her right-on friends! I pity any sabre toothed tiger that wanders into Islington.

    Despite what women say, it seems this one could have leapt from the pages of Georgette Heyer. If Ms Heyer wrote about slutty millennials instead of Regency ladies, well, Regency sluts.

  9. Mind you, if the “naval officer” was a Pusser, the only violence he’d be associated with would be a fight to stop people requisitioning his stores.

  10. So Much For Subtlety

    Gamecock December 27, 2020 at 1:42 pm – “Best nest. Best genes.”

    Bill Gates couldn’t find a decent girl to marry even when he had become one of the richest men in the world. Mark Zuckerberg is married to a sub-par immigrant. Women are women. They have evolved. And they have not evolved to like billions per se. No doubt they like a man who has money – and I think part of their dislike of IT billionaires is that they want their cash, but they cannot stand nerds so they are conflicted and that makes them angry.

    “Being able to kill a sabre toothed tiger has faded from importance.”

    You would think. But I am willing to bet the average UFC fighter gets more hot chicks than both of us. Women like what women like. There may not be a lot of demand for killing sabre toothed tigers, but women still like men who might.

  11. I actually know – or knew – a UFC champion, Chuck Lidell. According to one who still knows him he’s 5 kids by different women scattered around California…..and his girlfriend at the time I knew him was very high class eyecandy. And thicker than the bar she worked behind.

  12. Asiaseen, they are called stores because that’s were we store them. If the they were meant to be issued they’d be in the “issues”

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