A prize of ginger beer all round

Will be on offer to the first spotter:

The cost of shipping goods from Europe to the UK has risen sharply this year, raising the prospect of higher prices for French cheese, German sausages and other imports together worth tens of billions of pounds.

The average cost of transporting a lorryload of goods to Britain from Germany was 26 per cent higher in the first week of 2021 compared with the average for the third quarter of last year, according to Transporeon, which tracks freight flows.

What we’re looking for is the first idiot to say that the cost of German imports has risen by 26% rather than the cost of importing from Germany. A special secret handshake is also on offer for the first spot of an editor stupid enough to print said mistake.

16 thoughts on “A prize of ginger beer all round”

  1. Quite, iirc 44 europallets to a truck, last time I had one completely full from Europe I think it was about £1500. 26% more than that really isn’t much of a price to pay when divided amongst the 44 pallets and the myriad things therein.

    Was a while ago though.

  2. OT: Anyone else amused by all this food parcels whining?

    Turns out people are a teensy bit disappointed by their first taste of socialist provision of basic necessities… it’s a shame that won’t be a lightbulb moment. Fear not comrades – if Marcus Rashford is given some more of your money everything there will be plenty for all!

    Whilst I’ve no doubt some of the providers are ripping off schools, I’m sure half the Twitter picture complaints are fake or partially so.

  3. The tragedy is, that no-one seems to be proposing the obvious solution- scrap the paperwork! As our rules are, at the moment, exactly the same, there is no more logical reason for it than there is for paperwork between France and Germany.

    Any future changes in regulation could be monitored, and declaration rules adjusted accordingly. But again, I suspect that mere divergence would be seized upon to clog up trade again.

  4. Why on earth compare the first week of January to the average for Q3 anyway?!

    It would be interesting to know whether there is usually seasonality in the data.

  5. Quoth Timmy:

    What we’re looking for is the first idiot to say that the cost of German imports has risen by 26%

    From, in fact, the URL of the linked story..


    Do I win?

  6. “in the first week of 2021”

    The first sodding week of a new process? Also, how does bank holiday affect this? I’m guessing drivers charge a premium for new year’s day.

    Also, is there really much comparative advantage here? I buy Somerset brie because it tastes as good as French brie and costs the same, so, shipping it from France seems a bit daft. Frankfurters for supermarkets are made in Yorkshire. It’s not like they’re BMWs or Rammstein albums.

  7. I wish they’d write their copy in the same direction as time’s arrow. It took me several goes to read that as not “from Britain to Germany” which is the natural order that events flow. If feels like bait’n’switch to put it as “to X from Y” when it’s actually “from Y to X” but it makes your brain see it as “from X to Y”, and triggering you to blame X instead of Y.

  8. Any foodies know the northernmost brie – I’ve tried French, Somerset and recently Yorkshire brie and the taste seems to get better the further north you go. TIA

  9. Old adage; you survive on the delivery, you make money on the back load. There is a huge imbalance in physical trade between Britain and Europe so price Uk>EU is cheap as chips. But euro truckers are worried about paperwork on the back load (into EU) so feel they can’t rely on any back load.
    It’s the frogs at Calais, IOW.

  10. In earlier threads, we discussed how freight handling was highly automated but I have just learned that the CHIEF system is due to shut down in March 2021 and be replaced by the new CDS system. So they are now in a parallel running situation, with changes enforced by Brexit, with the developers of the older system presumably not too bothered about writing change controls. Governments are rather inept, aren’t they?

    Currently the proposed plan requires all traders to migrate from CHIEF the current HMRC system to CDS by September 2020, allowing HMRC to deactivate CHIEF in March 2021 when the current contract ends. The time from September to March next year is intended to allow a period of parallel running


  11. Speaking as a Londoner, the combination of ginger beer & secret handshakes leads one to suspect you’ve enlisted the aid of Owen Jones in this competition. Not something one would want to win.

  12. Is Steve Wright of the4 shirt lifting tendency? For that matter, who’s Steve Wright? I cheriswh my lack of knowledge of UK affairs.

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