A slight problem with this analysis

This seems only to have been confirmed by the EU’s collective approach to vaccination – slow to order, late to get going, incompetently rolled out, and possibly for reasons of vested interest, riddled with bad bets.

The limitation of this to the collective approach to vaccination only is the mistake there. It’s a general malaise…..

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  1. Packs of lies picked over by morons and/or deceivers are not any sort of analysis.

    It seems that multipacks of lies are the only kind of “Buy one:get billions free” offer this shite Govt approves off.

    Anyone believing 100,000 people in this country are dead FROM C19 virus is a moron. And a mug. More than that prob dead BECAUSE of Blojob’s virus freak-out antics.

    But the final total of dead will contain a very small number of actual C19 victims and large numbers killed by personal and national ruin. Not just economic but via what happens when it is finally obvious that scummy state organisations like police/NHS serve their state masters not the people who pay for them.

    The Dutch see it as do the Germans/Italians and are fighting back both peacefully and violently.

    On Jan 30 its Opening Day in UK and numbers of business owners who see Johnson intends to ruin them anyway are going to open up. We need to patronise them massively. It is happening overseas and it needs to happen here. Unless we still want to be hounded by this shite in July and pretty much forever onward.

    I fail to understand why a nation who saw through the EU are such a bunch of fools and cowards as to fall for Johnsons bullshit.

  2. Add onto this the false veneer of ‘collective solidarity’ cynically covering the secret self-interest of Germany. It’s a winner in the Worst in Show category.

  3. Rob, fly in that ointment is that Germany is being particularly slow to administer vaccines.

    We have, we assume, an election coming up in September. There is no space to pull back from the brink before then, any relaxation will be an admission of failure to the terrified, and of having got it wrong to the skeptics.

    So I suspect they want to keep this lockdown until the election. And for good measure have the opposition AfD banned by then.

    Merkels last days increasingly resemble the scorched earth attitude of the last days of her least salubrious predecessor.

  4. Bloke in North Dorset

    A good read here:

    >An exclusive interview with AstraZeneca’s CEO on the accusations from Europe after the delay of Oxford vaccine supplies, some revealing details of the vaccine contracts signed by Astrazeneca with Britain and EU (“no obligations, just best effort” for the latter), why Boris Johnson’s government has taken some advantage and why the one-dose strategy is the “right one”

    TL;DR Tactfully explains that EU’s delays meant they couldn’t get the supply chain going quickly and EU left with lowest yield plants.

    Also has 3m doses ready for EU when they get their finger out with more to follow.

  5. Interestingly, the guy says that it looks as if a 2 month delay before getting the second dose might give more protection, in the case of the AZ vaccine

  6. How’s that Great French Hope vaccine going?


    Lucky a former member got the vaccine supply chain sorted out for them

  7. I love the talk of the “risk” of the virus establishing itself worldwide. Bearing in mind that it has long done so.

  8. One difference I’ve observed with France is how much more protectionist and insular they are than the UK. Like, music on the radio, the Academie Francaise and just generally in the population, like people attacking shipments of Spanish wine or British lamb. Compare the FN with UKIP, the former is into autarky bigly. And yes, Joseph Bove went to prison for causing criminal damage to McDonalds, but he’s treated like a minor celebrity, where he would be considered a nutjob here.

    And when you have that culture, you’re going to get the sort of people who want Sanofi to have a sporting chance rather than just getting the best vaccine.

  9. Starfish

    “How’s that Great French Hope vaccine going?”

    Tbf, it’s only half French. The other half is British, GSK. Although, for some reason, we are not mentioning that.

  10. Tbf, it’s only half French. The other half is British, GSK. Although, for some reason, we are not mentioning that.

    Wait for someone in the eu to notice that, and we’ll be accused of deliberate sabotage too!

  11. “Wait for someone in the eu to notice that, and we’ll be accused of deliberate sabotage too!”

    Depends how it pans out.

    It’s like the Einstein quote: “”By an application of the theory of relativity to the taste of readers, today in Germany I am called a German man of science, and in England I am represented as a Swiss Jew. If I come to be represented as a bête noire , the descriptions will be reversed and I shall become a Swiss Jew for the Germans and a German man of science for the English.””

    Or like Andy Murray and David Coulthard being British when they won, and Scottish the rest of the time.

  12. . . . collective approach . . .
    It’s a general malaise…..

    For example:

    Portugal’s Socialist PM BANS private schools from teaching pupils on Zoom during two-week Covid classroom closure – so state-educated students don’t fall behind

    – “. . . also includes international schools, meaning British children living in the country doing GCSEs, A Levels or the International Baccalaureate cannot by law be taught for the next two weeks.”

  13. BiND ; yes, thanks, very interesting interview.

    “Is there any risk that this may embolden the anti-vaccine movement in Germany and elsewhere?

    The anti-vax are quiet powerful in Germany. They are powerful in the Netherlands, they’re powerful in France.”

    Anyone know how true this is? Do these countries achieve lower rates of vaccination for measles or any others?

  14. Found some World Bank numbers – on the whole, there doesn’t appear to be much in it.

    But Germany – for measles, hits a rate of 97% in 2007, and then does not move at all. Dead straight line.

    HepB3 – hits 87% in 2011. Dead straight line thereafter.

    DPT – plateaus at 93% in 2013 – guess what?

    How very odd.

  15. @ BiND
    Thanks helpful and interesting.
    So Stella (reassuringly expensive) Kyriakides is complaining that she is not getting a piggy-back on the three months work that the UK plants have done on de-bugging the process – the EU supply chain is suffering the same delays that the UK one did earlier – and the EU supply is slower than it could have been because *she* chose not to order the AZ vaccine when she should have done.

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