Any fish importers around?

Silly question, but among the readership, anyone that imports fish?

Biden’s going re-enter the Iranian nuclear deal. This means a lifting of at least some of the sanctions on the country. I know some folks with shrimp (ie, tiger prawn) farms in Iran. There’s a certain possible benefit in taking advantage of the new situation to gain access to exporters who are very hot to trot.


Yeah, thought not, by why not ask, eh?

9 thoughts on “Any fish importers around?”

  1. There should be less demand for imported fish since the EU is making life difficult, occasionally impossible, for would-be exporters. BBC has sob-story that some Scottish fishermen made a 72-hour journey to Denmark to land their catch in EU so that it wasn’t stopped at Calais/the French end of Eurotunnel. So those of us in England should get more Scottish-caught fish/seafood – probably cheaper as well since the continentals won’t be outbidding us.
    The remoaners are making a great fuss about EU blocking our food exports – when we are major net importers of food – just as they were threatening us with having problems importing medicine from the EU when we are major net exporters of medicines to the EU.

  2. Radioactive prawns??

    Very, very hot to trot.

    I’m a little disappointed that Trump didn’t pull US forces and let Israel and its new Arab allies pummel Iran before Wednesday. That and recognising Taiwan would have been splendid gifts for Biden.

    The Biden puppeteers simply won’t permit strikes against Iran now and it’s inevitable Iran gets the Bomb. Different world then. Conveniently, this year is the 100th anniversary of the CCP. Now they’ll be able to give themselves a nice big birthday present.

  3. I also expect that Taiwan will become an occupied CCP territory within the next 4 years. The push by China to control/gain territory with no country willing to stand in their way (post-Trump) should make the map makers happy as they will have new wares to sell.

  4. Dio – she’s wibbling on about Brexit, yet there’s where we get;

    “A global semiconductor shortage is reported to be causing a number of automotive manufacturers to cut back on vehicle production, despite growing demand following the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. As reported in Nikkei Asia, the lack of supply has forced Germany’s Volkswagen Group, as well as Japanese automakers Toyota, Honda and Nissan, to reduce production of certain models.

    The auto industry is said to be facing a severe lack of semiconductors amid rising use of the chips in other products, such as smartphones and communication base stations.”

    As far as Huss out of Hastings goes; I assume the MMO has Huss down as Dogfish. Good months for landings (by weight, using 2018 data) are November thru’ January. The silly sod should be looking for Bass, particularly July thru’ September.

    Mind you “Brexit leaves Irish racehorse trainers fearing ‘colossal’ tax bill” made me larf.

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