Anyone? Bueller?

Richard Murphy says:
January 4 2021 at 7:10 am
I did quite a lot of work in such a tax, having been commissioned to do so, and it died a death

I am not sure why

3 thoughts on “Anyone? Bueller?”

  1. For anyone else trying to work it out, this was in reference to a frequent flier tax. It died a death presumably because, like everything else he’s ever done, (a) it was a shit idea, (b) it was poorly implemented and riddled with problematic areas, (c) because he never dares to consider that people who tell him he’s wrong might have a point.

  2. We’ve already got a frequent flayer tax. It’s called Airport Departure Tax. The more you fly the more tax you pay.

  3. It probably died a death when he started flying off to various conferences (of no value) and he suddenly found the idea unpalatable.

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