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Can you say the phrase “Echo Chamber?”

I actually welcome disagreement. One reason I have invested considerable effort in the comments section of the blog is that I always wanted to make this blog a safe space for discussion for those who wished to debate differing views on issues of real concern without being trolled by the usual, predictable, and often rather nasty, right wingers from the neoliberal echo-chamber. That has, by and large, worked,

15 thoughts on “Can you say the phrase “Echo Chamber?””

  1. That’s a fucking lie – disagree with him and he’s a nasty , insulting cunt. He must be the world’s thinnest skinned potato. No wonder the comments section is mainly grade a arselickers.

  2. He welcomes disagreement, does he? Does he give any examples? I well remember comments from tax experts and procurement managers that led to replies that were far from welcoming

  3. To add to the spud-u-detest lexicon: debate – an exchange of views with people who agree with me without exception

  4. “I actually welcome disagreement.”

    No you don’t
    Yes I do
    No you don’t
    Yes I do
    No you don’t
    That is your last comment here

  5. He reminds me of a few discussions at my pub recently. Someone brings up something, I disagree, I get yelled at by fucking leftists. I don’t mind that so much. But my wife said a short, polite sentence a few weeks ago supporting me and one of the regulars started shouting at her. I got up and told him to shut the fuck up, he could yell at me all he liked but leave the person who has barely said a word alone.

    He backed down and most importantly, apologised to my wife. To his credit. Good bloke.

    Ok, Ritchie’s space is Ritchie’s space – his gaff, his rules – but maybe he needs someone to tell him when he’s being incredibly rude?

  6. “Ok, Ritchie’s space is Ritchie’s space – his gaff, his rules – but maybe he needs someone to tell him when he’s being incredibly rude?”

    People do regularly tell him on his blog that he’s an intolerant, inconsistent, censorious twat (but as a result don’t last long there). I also suspect it happens in his personal life, which would go some way to explain why he has been party to many former and failed personal and business relationships.

  7. “his gaff, his rules”

    His rules are petty,capricious and self-serving. To some extent, that is true of all “moderated” forums. The Times now deletes any comment that includes the words ‘remainiac’ or ‘remoaner’, maintaining that “free speech is moderated speech” because “bar room brawls” aren’t. ‘My gaff, my rules’ soon becomes an excuse for censorship.

  8. Bloke in North Dorset

    My gaff, my rules is censorship.

    My gaff, no rules isn’t. (Normal caveat on immediate harm etc.)

  9. BF, Theo, pretty much my point – that he couldn’t (and seemingly doesn’t) get away with the same behaviour in person.

  10. @Theo
    Yes, The Times does that, while still allowing Brexshit. I’ve resorted to Never-Leaver, which they hate :).

  11. Fair play to Tim on the subject of censorship and allowing comments from all sides. He could play the “my place, my rules” card but hasn’t often.

    Now you could argue that there isn’t much room for eco-terrorists, snowflakes, SJWs, closet commie’s etc on here but I wouldn’t define that as censorship. More a case of them having stupid arguments/reasons for their view of how the world should be organised.

  12. “Now you could argue that there isn’t much room for eco-terrorists, snowflakes, SJWs, closet commie’s etc on here”

    Is that true? Simply that they could flood / take the place over with ease were they so disposed? However facile / crap their arguments might be, numbers alone could easily create a quite different look?

  13. @ PF

    They like places where people to roll over an placidly agree with their views (see Twatter). I don’t see them getting anything other than a (virtual, sadly) pack of lions* set on them here.

    * Other large carnivorous creatures available that don’t mind rancid leftist meat.

  14. @MrKing

    Paul Barden was a very regular commenter here until a couple of years ago – that rarest of beasts, a leftie investment banker. But with somewhat more openness to market solutions than most people of his political ilk, to be fair.

    John Band – a pretty left-wing economic consultant – used to comment here as john b, perhaps more in the site’s earlier years.

    Very very occasionally you still see the odd comment pop up from Chris Dillow (stumbling and mumbling) but much rarer than it used to be. And he’s explicitly Marxist, aside from being an economics writer at Investors’ Chronicle. (And a very decent one at that, as Timmy will attest.)

    Then there was Unity, who was a Labour and anti-racism activist (back when that meant street-level campaigning against the BNP in local elections – door to door canvassing, leafleting strategy etc). Ran what was quite a well-known leftie (as well as pro-atheism, pro-choice etc) website back in the day. Maybe still does.

    I do think the below the line discussions on here were at their most interesting when they were more ideologically diverse. Some of the more interesting ones these days are on matters where Timmy’s more homogeneous commentariat are still divided – eg libertarian versus social conservative, religious (or religion-sympathising agnostic) versus hardline atheist. Plus any subject where someone happens to have random specialist or technical knowledge – also a bit rarer these days, I miss Tim Newman on oil, bloke-I-can’t-recall-name-of-immediately-but-was-in-Singapore-for-a-bit on shipping (and his old job in housing) and so on. But I think it’s partly due to the decline of the blogosphere as a place for debate anyway. Irritatingly twitter seems to have sucked up a big slice of that pie, despite being far worse designed for proper discussion.

  15. i don’t always agree with some of Tims points of view but he often gets me thinking a bit differently about things. The comments btl are always of interest and are often very funny (thanks Steve) I know that what ever i say Tim won’t be really rude to me and leave me gnashing my teeth in frustration. I’m always very rude about that fat git in Ely, because when I had commented on his threads – he was invariably rude, scathing and down right stupid in his replies. If he could listen to his various contributors who disagree with him he might learn something and eventually formulate something interesting and workable. Whatever you say about the potato he seems to have a lot of energy and interest in a lot of different things. It’s a pity that because of his ego, he can’t stand any disagreement, immediately taking it as a personal attack on himself. No wonder he’s Johnny no mates and is a source of constant ridicule. I doubt he’s ever said sorry in any meaningful way in his life.

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