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Ms. Malik:

In a country already riven by economic and class inequality, Trump proved how easily such divisions could be exploited to benefit rightwingers promising economic prosperity for some at the cost of the rest.

The final pre-covid Trump year saw the lowest unemployment rates in two generations, the lowest black unemployment rate ever recorded, significant real wage growth, a fall in the poverty rate…….those rightwing bastards profiting from everyone else, eh?

13 thoughts on “Cretin”

  1. It’s unfair for the working class to benefit at the expense of the non working class? And she thinks she’s on the left?

  2. Well that is history now. Biden’s handlers will fuck US economy and piss on ordinary folk as well as millions of the scum who voted for him.

    Green Depression, Covid Depression–general unwinding of govt debt etc–things will not go well for scummy old CCP Joe or Kowmara.And resistance will rise to greet the old turd from every quarter.

  3. Seems the Hispanics had realised

    The black ‘community’ preferred to riot and hate, wallowing in self-righteous protesting

  4. The ones who seem to try and exploit such divisions always seem to be left. By creating new divisions, announcing them loud and then claiming to be the part of which ever they select as the victim

  5. “promising economic prosperity for some at the cost of the rest”: isn’t that what The Left has always promised?

  6. But all those working class dudes weren’t working and earning higher wages in approved industries. A typical progressive argument is that they’d love to help the working class but first they have to invent the industries they want them to work in.

  7. Pretty sure the Cuomos, Newsoms and Lightfoots of the world are far more responsible for hindering economic prosperity–for everyone–than the guy who brought us the greatest economy in the history of the world…TWICE.

    Seriously, look at the Dow over the past four years.

  8. That was no typo: The median net worth of black Bostonians really is $8

    “The median net worth for non-immigrant African-American households in the Greater Boston region is $8, according to “The Color of Wealth in Boston,” a 2015 report by the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, Duke University, and the New School.”


    link to the Fed study:

  9. God in heaven, Malik is an evil truth-twisting witch, eh?

    phoenix_rising – that typo correction seems not in the right discussion. Or did I miss something?
    However, as you’d expect, the newspaper reports the difference as evidence of racism.

  10. BlokeInTejas,

    I thought it was relevant. One hundred and fifty years after slavery ended, a black person has enough net worth to buy a McDonald’s Happy Meal. But as Tim says, the future for black people is looking bright.

  11. Occasional Delurker

    The report quoted is from March of 2015. In an era of never ending peace and plenty. When the world was led by the the dearest of leaders the most Sainted O’Bambi. When the mere idea of the evil Orange Man becoming president was still a joke to any and all right thinking people. When…I’m sure you get my drift by now.

    Is there a more recent report?

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