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Enough to strike terror into the heart

‘California is America, only sooner’: how the progressive state could shape Biden’s policies

Grossly expensive, grossly incompetent, government that also manages to be broke.

Weather’s nice though.

A not completely formed thought is that California never would have got into this governance state if the weather wasn’t nice there. It’s the overall package that matters to the decision of where to live and a congenial climate makes up for an awful lot of other shit. Says the bloke living in southern Portugal which is the European equivalent of that climate (about, roughly, the San Diego part of it I would think).

If California had the current government and weather like North Dakota then everyone would have fucked off already.

23 thoughts on “Enough to strike terror into the heart”

  1. It’s the overall package that matters.

    Although in my case the weather is crap, the absence of people more than compensates.

  2. Oddly the refugees flooding into Arizona from California meant that the exercise to ‘flip’ that state required far fewer fake ballots and Dominion activity than the other states to flip them over to Biden – even though MS13 had pallets of ballots close by!

  3. Just take a look at San Francisco – once the most beautiful of cities and now overrun with drug-addled and mentally ill homeless people – for an idea of what this is going to mean…

  4. Bloke in North Dorset

    But do people really want that progressive society?

    Revealed preference says not:

    With Antifa and Black Lives Matter riots breaking out across California, some city dwellers are longing for safer neighborhoods, and safer towns. Following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis by a police officer, radicals in BLM and Antifa – which ironically stands for “anti-Fascist” – used Floyd’s death as an opportunity and excuse to wreak havoc.

    For many Californians, the final straw came sooner, as more than 691,145 Californians left the state in 2018. Texas nabbed 86,164 former Californians that year, according to an Orange County Register report. “Census Bureau migration data for 2018 shows in raw terms of people moving, the top spot for Californians is Texas, which got 86,164 Californians in 2018. Next came Arizona (68,516), Washington (55,467), Nevada (50,707), and Oregon (43,058). All told, California had the most exits among the state and that wave grew by 4% in a year.”

    Even the Guardian’s noticed:

    “There’s this narrative of ‘all the boring, wealthy people leave and all the fun artists and queerdos will come back’,” Radulovich says. “It’ll be San Francisco in the 90s. But rents would need to come down a lot for a lot of people who were priced out to return.”

  5. So why do people still live in places that are both poorly-run and have horrible weather, like Chicago or Liverpool?

  6. @Ottokring.

    A San Diego native once told me they have four seasons – spring, summer, fire and flood. Looks like you went in flood.

  7. Grossly expensive, grossly incompetent, government that also manages to be broke.

    Mass third-world immigration will do that to a State, ditto with nations.

    …as more than 691,145 Californians left the state in 2018.

    Of course these migrants, having relocated, then vote for the same party and policies that are turning California into a shithole in the first place. They’re more destructive than a plague of locusts.

  8. >California is America, only sooner

    Technically bankrupt, people with options fleeing in their millions, a thin white crust of filthy rich twats inflicting progressive psycho-politics on teeming brown masses of impoverished servants, about to face God’s smitey wrath.

    Checks out.

    It’s a
    Bullshit three-ring
    Circus sideshow of

  9. Steve.

    Pace Maynard James Keenen (PBUH), but at least when his Circus sideshow of Freaks ends, it leaves town; with the Calfornia Circus, it never ends and you leave town.

  10. Does the Algarve have a mediterranean climate Tim? Mostly arid, punctuated by flash floods, forest fires, high winds etc. And a background concern about earthquakes. I wonder how many other states will come to the rescue if the San Andreas goes really faulty.

  11. BiND
    Yes, the migration is all one way. NY and NJ are emptying out. Even lockdown states in the Midwest are losing population to their neighbours. It must be playing merry hell with U-Haul’s business model.

  12. “San Francisco – once the most beautiful of cities”

    I once took my future wife to see Venice because the Wise Ones said the sea would soon swallow it up. I should have taken her to see SF instead.

  13. I will comment that much of SF is still as it was when I lived in the city almost 40 years ago (and had a blast), but downtown has gotten pretty awful and the tenderloin is truly a nightmare. They now have city authorized tent cities in front of city hall. But many SF residents will defend to the death your right to poop in the streets, and they vote accordingly.

    As an older, semi-retired long time resident of California living in a nice community, life is still pretty good. It was in the 70s earlier this week. But a young person today no longer has as many opportunities that I had to build a comfortable life. It is a mystery to me why they vote as they do.

  14. And unless you live right on the water, or in the mountains, there really isn’t much to see except the most strung-out druggies you’ve ever come across.

    If you want beaches, go to a nice part of Florida. You want mountains? So many other states where you can see those. Want Desert? Go to Arizona. It’s not quite as blue there as our COVID-and-censorship-influenced election would have you believe.

  15. There is science, logic, reason; there is thought verified by experience. And then there is California.

    Edward Abbey (1927-89)

  16. In speculative fiction there’s long been roughly two basic models for a dystopian background:

    East-Berlin at the height of the Cold War on steroids if you want to go for that depressing, restrictive paranoïd feel.

    Big City California for sheer chaos and mayhem. Except for California the extrapolation never seems that excessive, nor within the realms of the impossible.

  17. I live in small town California. It is actually pretty good, but the big city parts of the state seem intent on visiting their dystopia on us. The state budget is headed for a crash, but with a Bidearris administration, they will be bailed out (pour encourager les autres). Not content with a $15 Federal minimum wage, a legislator has written a bill for a $23 minimum wage.

    Ever increasing taxes, regulations, and general nonsense is getting worse each year. 9% income tax, 8.5% sales tax, and $0.50/gallon gas tax and going up each year. Natural gas being forbidden in new homes along with mandatory solar panels keeps pushing up home prices, along with property taxes. Now heading to Texas later this year.

    P.S. We now have protesters of no particular affiliation. Washington City’s Mayor Rushed to Safety After Homeless Advocate Rioters Storm City Hall The clue is in the tearing down of the flag and stomping on it.

  18. Bellingham has long relied on cross border trade, being a short drive from Seattle, I imagine the current border closures are really hurting them.

  19. Not mediterranean, no. ‘Coz it’s not on it. Atlantic rather.

    5 areas of the world with about this climate. California and here. In S hemisphere a part of Chile, the Western Cape in SA and umm, think it might be Brisbane in Oz? Right latitude, coastal, big ocean on the door is, apparently, what does it.

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