Erm, Telegraph?

Thames project expands size by 70pc to bolster bid for freeport status
Managers of the 1,700-acre area hope it will be one of 10 zones to benefit from zero-tariff exports in post-Brexit boost

What tariffs does Britain apply to exports?

Freeports benefit from zero tariffs on goods for export,


They enjoy zero tariffs on imports of goods that are then re-exported. Which is something rather different, no?

5 thoughts on “Erm, Telegraph?”

  1. I think that it is now beyond reasonable doubt that “The Telegraph” has descended to “Grauniad”-like levels of ineptitude. Very reassuring about cancelling one’s subscription a year-or-two ago.

  2. @Dio… One gets the impression that the number of journalists who know anything about anything is damned-near zero!

  3. Its the same as the idea that the Scot Nats were jumping up and down about a while ago how export tariffs on Scottish whisky all were being attributed to England as it was exported via English ports, and this ‘proved’ that Scotland was being conned again………….the fact there are no export tariffs had somehow escaped this perfect example of a Scottish grievance theory.

  4. Or we could just scrap import tariffs, making the entire country a freeport. What’s the practical objection to this (other than self-interested whining from protected industries)?

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