Even Ritchie doesn’t believe MMT now

Were the tax cuts to big business and the well off worth the deaths we are now seeing from coronavirus?

Tax is only there to control inflation. Inflation is currently below target, therefore we should be having more tax cuts.

That is, if you believe in MMT.

4 thoughts on “Even Ritchie doesn’t believe MMT now”

  1. Non sequitur of the year.

    See, without tax cuts for big business we could have closed the borders in late January or early February last year, even though border closures were racist, everyone who counts said so but still, evil Tories!!

  2. Having established that ‘low’ corporate taxation killed tens of thousands from Coronavirus, we can show the correlation between ‘high’ corporate taxes and low Coronavirus deaths in Europe, e.g. France, er you’ll have to take my word on that right you’re blocked.

  3. In his earlier post he seems to be saying that society should be locked down apparently indefinitely until there is no COVID ’19 infections. Predictably he cites SNP Advisor Devi Sridahar as a supporting authority for this contention. If we needed any more proof of the evil of lockdown then we have it in this monster’s unequivocal backing for it.

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