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Ever so slightly off topic

Hilton Valentine, founding guitarist of The Animals, has died aged 77.

The singer was once spotted, on tour, wearing a t-shirt with, on the front “Eric Burdon on tour with The Animals” and on the back “Fuck, me thought he was dead”

5 thoughts on “Ever so slightly off topic”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    “Fuck, me though he was dead”

    All that rock’n’roll must have been bad for his linguistic skills.

    I think music is a great example of the creative destruction of the free market. Destruction in the sense that insight, intelligence, luck and hard work are not a monopoly of the upper classes – and in an ideal society neither are they regulated to death by the state. So when a new technology or industry comes along, it is not Henry Ford IV that makes money, it is some working class lad from a shit hole in the north.

    Silicon Valley creates newly wealthy people all the time. So, for a while, did rock. Perhaps no more.

  2. Off topic slightly, it can also be similar to film actors. Big star in the 80’s, where is he or she now? Stopped perhaps getting good roles and didn’t want to work for TV. Or got plain old which didn’t fit the image of his her younger self. Two examples.

    Matthew Modine. Wonderful actor, didn’t get the roles in the 80’s, started doing TV and B-films.
    Kelly McGinnis. Beautuful actress (still using that term, don’t care if I am cancelled!), got old, fat and ugly ie aged as people normally age.

  3. Watched Dune last night and felt obliged to look up what sean young looks like now. Answer. a 61 year old.

  4. The Animals and Simon & Garfunkel are the only pop stars I’ve heard live.

    How would I compare them to, say, Carmen McRae, Cleo Laine, Stéphane Grappelli, or Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee? Yer popsters don’t come close to yer jazzers/bluesters.

    But that Alan Price, giving a little impromptu blues concert in our common room – he was good. Amiable chap too.

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