Bishop of Lewes orders churches to shut despite Government lockdown rules saying they can stay open

What bishops are for, taking care of their flock.

The objection is when government says the churches must close. Here, we might even think the bishop is wrong in his decision but this is his job……

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  1. Lewes is a suffragan (i.e. assistant) bishop (to Chichester), so I am surprised that something so drastic is within its authority. But then Anglicans are a strange bunch.

  2. People are flocking to Catholic churches and sermons from CoE ones anyway so it is quickly becoming quite redundant. The action apparently is in the Catholic sermons which haven’t yet gone woke and the scripture hasn’t been socialised and watered down, traditions still exist, etc.

  3. Just when one has become accustomed to the CoE as a subsidiary of social services, a bishop surprises by behaving like a teaching union leader!

    Great pic under the heading of a closed Methodist Church in Newcastle Under Lyme. Well done, DT.

  4. Nice reminder from Wikipedo of when men were REAL men, plagues were REAL plagues, and priests believed in God:

    Clement VI was on the papal throne when the Black Death first struck Europe in 1347. This pandemic swept through Asia and the Middle East and into Europe between 1347 and 1350, and is believed to have killed between a third and two-thirds of Europe’s population. During the plague, Clement attributed the plague to divine wrath.[49] But he also sought the opinions of astrologers for an explanation. Johannes de Muris was among the team “of three who drew up a treatise explaining the plague of 1348 by the conjunction of Saturn, Jupiter, and Mars in 1341″[50] Clement VI’s physicians advised him that surrounding himself with torches would block the plague. However, he soon became skeptical of this recommendation and stayed in Avignon supervising sick care, burials, and the pastoral care of the dying.[51] He never contracted the disease, even though there was so much death around him that the cities ran out of ground for cemeteries, and he had to consecrate the entire Rhône River so that it could be considered holy ground and bodies could be thrown into it.

  5. Jussi
    My brother-in-law says the Church of Rome is as bad as the Church of England for wokery. It also irritates him that he has to go to a CofE cathedral to hear a sung Latin mass.

  6. So Much For Subtlety

    Theologically attending Church is not important for Anglicans. Why would they bother? Theologically it is for Catholics. You would expect them to insist the Churches remained open.

    Similarly in WW1 the Last Rites were important to Catholics so their priests stayed with the soldiers. They were not to Anglicans so it is said they stayed in a nice Château with their generals.

  7. The Anglican church was open for my cousins’ funeral on 30 Dec 20. But this was in Brisbane.

    Seemed to me to be a nice traditional ceremony, Jussi. But of course I hadn’t been to church for decades.

    Being a thieving old bastard, I stole one of the Rectory’s parking places. So I apologised most humbly when the Rectors’ wife and kids turned up after just about everyone had gone home. She was most amused.

  8. Theo, my source was the new culture forum interview with Peter Whittle, excellent YT channel but obv. sometimes anecdotal.

  9. Here in Ireland all churches are closed in an effort to impress that the state is no longer beholden to the church any more.

  10. Geoffers: CoE’s gaff so CoE’s rules. Entirely as it should be.

    It used to be God’s gaff and God’s doors were always open.

  11. …taking care of the flock

    Yes we get the metaphor thing. It does not mean they have to treat the flock like sheep. Or children. Some communicants seem more grown up than the bedwetting bishops.

  12. The Virgin Clergyperson:

    * Ecumenical tosspottery
    * Fat women in vestments
    * Gay
    * “But cwimate change! :(”
    * Afraid to die

    The Chad Medieval Pope:

    * Dresses like a king
    * Own private army, not afraid to use it
    * Installs bastard sons as bishops
    * Patronises the greatest artists in history
    * Makes other people afraid to die

  13. “Nae Priests! Nae Bishops! Nae Hierarchy!” Very sound. But the CoS is also dwindling away, is it not? Presumably most of the Secession Kirks too?

  14. I bet the Pope would have sharp words with any Bish who was not following the woke ideology. Priests and attendants in masks. Socially distanced choir and congregation. Sanitiser on the communion tray. Disinfectant in the censer. Vegan-friendly candles. I suppose you might fit about 50 people inside St Pete’s

  15. MC didn’t you see him preaching the Easter Sermon to an empty square – and yes, he is definitely more Marxist than Christian

  16. Anecdotal also but my wife converted to Catholic Church a couple of years ago precisely for the reasons Jussi stated, as she said when going to visit a few different churches before taking the plunge it’s good to hear a sermon that actually mentions God.

  17. COE has enough cash to hire enough masked muscle to give Plod a well-deserved hiding.

    A few occasions where 10-15 Church-closing Plod turn up to throw their weight about–but get surprised by a squad 4x their number, beaten up and their vehicles burned, would do huge damage to the LD circus. Vast numbers of the costumed morons would have to be assembled for any future attempt–cowards that they are- and while they are pissing about at Churches the rest of us can be out and about defying Blojob’s LD bullshit.

  18. If Catholics were wise–well the current Marxist would not have got in to the top job–but if they were to recover wisdom he should be removed.

    Excommunicated, de-frocked and thrown down the steps of St Peter’s Grima Worm-tongue style. He is an agent trying to destroy their faith.

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