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Richard Murphy says:
January 11 2021 at 1:13 pm
I think he is wrong on that

More important, he was wrong to give up on freedom of movement

When capital can roam and labour cannot the return to labour will always fall

That’s the same mechanism by which some of the burden of corporation tax falls upon labour, not capital. But of course the P³ insistence is that the burden of corporation tax never does fall upon labour.

Odd that how the same thing differs in effect according to which hole in the stump is being looked out of.

6 thoughts on “Hmm”

  1. Worth immortalizing this comment on Murphy here before it disappears:

    ‘The first thing you do is hurl abuse and make claims about what I said which are simply not true. You are a disgusting little man, aren’t you? Well, two can play at that game.

    So when would you re-open the country and end lockdown?

    When everyone is vaccinated?

    It’s easy to sit on the sidelines when you don’t actually have to be accountable for your claims and decisions, and can make up any old nonsense to support them.

    Or as the government are planning, when the most vulnerable people are vaccinated and so the rest of us, who are very unlikely to die of Covid can move on with our lives by starting to reopen the economy.

    You seem to forget that people die of all sorts of things every day, yet we don’t shut down the country for that.

    You also seem to forget that people’s families, relationships, jobs and business are people’s lives – though you don’t seem to care about those things at all because they can’t be packaged up as neat statistics you use to hurl abuse at the government with.

    Maybe it’s because your life hasn’t been affected much. I’m guessing your daily routine of writing spiteful blogs hasn’t changed much, your grant bung income hasn’t suffered and judging by the way you abuse people here, don’t have that many relationships left. It must be pretty sad existence.’

  2. @van patten – I note he now says his son’s got Covid, but forgets to mention that according to him he’s had covid as well- perhaps he forgot? (more likely lying)

  3. @Moqifen.

    Yes, Ill, he was, terribly ill. For weeks. He could barely churn out around 130 blogs while gravely Ill.

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