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Almost three times as many under 60s died in road crashes last year as those without health conditions killed by coronavirus, NHS data shows.

Just 388 people under the age of 60 with no underlying health conditions have died of coronavirus in England, NHS data has revealed.

The figures show that only 0.8 per cent of all deaths from coronavirus between April 2 and December 23 came from this group of the population.

In the same time 45,770 people had died with underlying health conditions, while 1,979 were viewed as healthy.

Policy didn’t particularly follow this information though, did it?

12 thoughts on “Interesting”

  1. It’d be interesting to see a similar comparison of the usual flu deaths. But it’s never been clear to me just how ‘they’ decide when a major panic is justified.

  2. Johnson is trying to save his fat arse via a bogus casedemic of the un-ill. PCR test is the means which is why Op Moonshite is now history. Was to be pioneered in Liverpool with Lateral Stream Test–which is more accurate by miles than PCR-tho’ still far from perfect. Blojob likely thought mass testing 10x a week would send case numbers soaring and justify the vax saviour posturing.

    But instead LST collapsed case numbers by not recording legions of false positives. Which is why Moonshite is history and the Govt is now dissing LST as “inaccurate” –compared to the known shite PCR test.

    No ever-growing case numbers (who aren’t ill as the NHS emptier than last year shows) means no LD justification. No LD means no Reset (which I think IS now prob a factor even if it didn’t start that way) and no more panic. Means people have time and a calmer environment to think about the Govt –and HoTraitors handling of this mess. And of the 50-200 thousand done in by Blojob’s LD antics. Not to mention the economic ruin on the way.

  3. Bear this in mind when you hear the teaching unions invoke section 44 of the Employment Rights Act 1996, the “right” to withdraw from a workplace that is unsafe.

  4. Don’t worry, policy will follow this.
    More speed cameras, extra 20mph limits, new random road closures for traffic calming, more taxes for motorists.

    If driving is three times as dangerous as a global pandemic… Something MUST be done.

  5. Here in Thailand we’re going into lockdown because a couple of people have died. On the same page, a hundred and eighty odd killed on the roads in three days over New Year.

  6. @RlJ
    180 dead on the roads is, surely, normal for Thailand. Two dead from flu is unusual – you have to get your priorities right…

  7. I wait in vain for the youth to rebel. Clearly their lives are more f***d by LD than covid. They have an opportunity:
    Dear Santa / BoJo
    Up to now we’ve been remarkably tolerant of your idiotic policy of locking us up when we are no danger.
    You now want us to be vaccinated in order to achieve herd immunity.
    Vaccination is safe, but not 100% safe, and more dangerous than getting the virus.
    Nevertheless we are prepared to help Public Health achieve its goal, under the following conditions:
    Immediately scrap any restrictions on movement or employment of anyone under 40
    Immediately reopen schools and universities
    Acknowledge that <3% of covid infections emanate from the hospitality sector and plan for a rapid return to normal commerce in this sector.
    There are other conditions we might apply to our consent to vaccination which we can discuss at a future meeting with our representatives.

  8. Our case numbers have been falling steadily and instead of taking credit for their recent increase in restrictions the government blamed the reduction on people refusing to get tested over Christmas as they didn’t want to have to isolate.
    When government minister doesn’t want to take credit it’s suspicious to say the least, though the fact they linked tests to cases seems a slip up

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