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The horrific new anti-women legislation in Poland, a near-total ban on abortion, is already harming women. The country already had some of the strongest anti-abortion legislation in Europe, and it has now removed the exception for foetal abnormalities. According to the New York Times, 1,074 of the 1,100 abortions performed in Poland last year were for that reason.

Poland’s right-wing government is not the only evil here. Its bigotry and intolerance has been assisted legally and financially by the US Christian Right.

An overwhelmingly Catholic country elects a political party espousing Catholic values and then enacts policy based upon Catholic moral teaching.

Of course, everyone involved here might be entirely deluded, what ever, but to blame the Americans seems a little odd.

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  1. From the ONS:
    “Between January to June 2020, there were 109,836 abortions performed on residents of England and Wales.”
    So running at about twice the level of Covid as a killer. But what a curious phrase – I get that the clinician performs the abortion on the resident – but is that the resident of the womb, or the one with the womb.

  2. Huh? “Bigotry and intolerance” are anti-abortion? I don’t think those words mean what you think they mean

  3. “already harming women”

    A claim made without evidence.

    “Saving human life”

    Self evident.

    “Between January to June 2020, there were 109,836 abortions performed on residents of England and Wales.”

    Taking the total comfortably over 10,000,000 since abortion was legalised.

  4. 1,074 of the 1,100 abortions performed in Poland last year were for that reason.

    Well of course – most other reasons have been banned.

  5. To Hell with kid killers . Main reason for abortion is two turds who couldn’t be arsed to take precautions or to wait until they could. 10 million kids dead mostly because scum couldn’t show basic decency.

  6. Catholic country elects a political party political parties espousing Catholic values which support abortion and then enacts policies based upon Catholic moral teaching manifesto pledges.

  7. So Much For Subtlety

    a near-total ban on abortion, is already harming women.

    It, sure as can be, is not harming the half of the foetuses that were female.

    I do not see a ban on aborting Down Syndrome babies as evil

  8. It is remarkable that Poland’s religious fascists can’t see the benefit of wholesale foetal slaughter. How will selfish drunks carry on without being saddled with offspring? How many women will be forced to spend their lives at the heart of a family, rather than doing important work in PR, HR or the charity sector? Any population shortfall due to abortion can be made up by importing stupid violent peasants from the worst toilets of Africa and the Middle East, thus also bringing much needed vibrancy.

  9. I love the assumption that women want babies killed. I wouldn’t assert that myself. The more so since I assume the electorate in Poland, like everywhere else, is majority female.

  10. anti-women … harming women … evil … bigotry … intolerance

    Idk what’s the most egregiously clownish Clownworld artifact here: cannibalising the language of moral judgement and prancing around in its skin suit to complain that people aren’t killing enough babies, or the fact it’s coming from a fat guy who abandoned his own children and marital vows to concentrate on his fetish.

    Back when asking if the Pope was a Catholic was a rhetorical question, JPII had a great insight into what he called the “culture of death”. If we understand liberalism as being part of the spectrum of mental illnesses, it makes sense that everything they do greases the chute for death and obliteration, because insanity always tends against survival. That’s why it’s insanity.

    I agree with Mr. Randy Watson that the children are our future.

  11. When some societies swing heavily one way it is good to have an off-setting force. balance, counter-balance. Think if every country went the way USA is now going? For that reason I welcome Poland, and Hungary, and dare I say it…hope that Putin sticks to his guns, pun intended. When the so-called liberal green lefty swings one way, I go the other way. Not that I like Putin or Russia in general, at all really, but I think they are necessary.

  12. >to blame the Americans seems a little odd.
    >Poland’s right-wing government … has been assisted legally and financially by the US Christian Right.
    Assuming that’s factual, why would it be odd to blame the Americans? It wouldn’t be odd to blame Americans for the IRA when they did in fact fund the IRA, nor would it be odd to blame America (and Israel!) for identity politics when they do in fact fund the ADL.

  13. Btw I assume any money the good guys receive from Christian Yanks is offset by the activities of the US State Department and “NGO’s”.

  14. Ireland went from a solidly Catholic and (socially) conservative country to a rabidly progressive one in the space of a couple of generations.

    The Catholic Church did themselves no favours in covering up decades of abuse instead of confronting it, exposing it and thereby combating it.

    Progressives of the George Soros variety used this as a wedge to push the politicians into supporting the whole pro gay, pro abortion, anti-conservative alliance.

    Large amounts of money, over a considerable period of time went into eroding the traditional support of the church. NGOs and media sockpuppets were mobilised to undermine the resistance to abortion and the whole progressive agenda.

    It saddens me to see the way that the Republic has gone since I left.
    There are plenty of normies left there. But just as here, the silent majority are not in the driving seat and the go along to get along strategy is only going to work for them up to a point.

    People need to wake up to the fact that these people want to eradicate everything and everyone that doesn’t belong in their progressive paradise.

  15. Presumably, thanks to the EU, a Polish lass desiring an abortion only has to drive across the border into Germany?

  16. True story about Soros. His senior traders were always pissed off because even though they had their own sub-funds and accounts, Soros used to call every one of them several times a day and ask for levels on futures etc, stuff any junior employee could’ve given.

    I read one of his early books at the time and he was just banging on about Popper.

  17. These would be the same people complaining about how better testing is leading to the ‘extinction’ of Down’s syndrome kids in the U.K.
    Of course their grand plan is to get rid of testing not the right to abort in those circumstances.

  18. ” The horrific new anti-women legislation…”

    Because nothing says ‘ I’m pro-woman’ like being a man pretending to be a woman.

    Also, don’t think of it as anti-woman more as pro-child.

  19. ‘JPII had a great insight into what he called the “culture of death”’.

    I can recommend Malcolm Muggeridge’s essay, The Great Liberal Death Wish.

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