Isn’t this just a damning condemnation of the patriarchy?

Equity found that 72% of female performers felt pressured to “look a particular way” in order to get work in comparison with 28% of male performers,

People who play dress up get judged on their looks. Differently across genders in a sexually dimorphic species.


The report flags up the underrepresentation of women on the Cultural Renewal Taskforce, which is responsible for supporting the culture sector in the pandemic. “Zero leadership positions are occupied by women, with only three women on the taskforce as a whole,” it states.

And isn’t that disgusting?

Parrish, the artistic director of Sphinx, called the taskforce’s gender imbalance “disgraceful”.

10 thoughts on “Isn’t this just a damning condemnation of the patriarchy?”

  1. Cultural Renewal Taskforce

    Is there no end to this rot? The 1950s are widely pilloried by progressives, so why is so much of what they do modelled on the Soviet Union of that time?

  2. ‘Is Sphinx the plural of Sphincter? Are the members of that organisation ANALysts?’

    Thank you, Witchie.

  3. Hmmm… those percentages of things that should be independent variables add exactly to 100%.
    I’m guessing that the question wasn’t asked in that form.

    Answer still directionally accurate (and not suprising), but you know. Surveys…

  4. Hmmm… all the nice graphs use the term “men”…

    This is Theatre… That category may be male, but experience has taught me the vast majority in that business are definitely not men, certainly not of the cis-het branch. And the ones that are, are either tech or venue management.

  5. How dare they assume the gender of these people. who knows what gender some of these people self identify as, other than leeches on the public teat.

  6. Perhaps men do more jobs where appearance is less important, like working on bin lorries, clearing out the sewers, working in warehouses, on assembly lines, drilling rigs, etc.

    It is evident feminists only complain about gender imbalance when it comes to nice, middle class and executive jobs. Male dominance of get your hands dirty, chip your nail varnish jobs never gets a mention.

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