It’s gonna be an interesting test of MMT

Over the last year there has been a veritable explosion of the money supply. In the US, M2 has surged by 24pc. In the UK, M4 has increased by 12.8pc. And in the eurozone M3 has grown by 11pc. (In all three cases the expansion of the ultra-narrow measure of the money supply has exceeded 50pc.)

Me, I say inflation returning is likely. Spud that it’s all under control.


2 thoughts on “It’s gonna be an interesting test of MMT”

  1. You are correct Tim.

    Inflation will; return in good time to greet(in both the English and “Scottish” sense of the word) millions going from 75% wages to 94 a week UC if they can get it. A lovely 1-2 combo with knockout potential.

    Any sympathy is muted by the fact that many of them are cowardly maskie -wearing scum-mugs who should have resisted/refused the virus -freak out.

    However when you add in to the above mess the effects of Johnson and Biden’s green freakshow, Biden’s leftist shite and the possibility that a Doug Casey-style Greater Depression /debt unravelling is also due then maybe I should keep my sympathy for all of us who deserve it.

    It maybe though that if all this shite has to arrive them Senile China Joe and Kowmara Hate-Youse are the duo whose term it should best arrive in.

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