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It’s just that they forgot where they put it

Alzheimer’s halting drug may have been invented already

6 thoughts on “It’s just that they forgot where they put it”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    I think this misses the real story here:

    One of the key questions facing Alzheimer’s researchers is whether to continue the hunt for amyloid-clearing treatments.

    For thirty years scientists have been wedded to one particular theory about the cause of Alzheimer’s. This approach has become more and more single minded over the last decade or so but clearly some people are doubting it.

    So rather than admit their careers have been a mistake, the researchers are demanding more cash to go back over the field to prove their theory is right.

    This is why science is a young man’s game. Men in their fifties will fight hard to defend those ideas they presented in their PhD thesis.

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