Jeez this guy’s a nutter

Come nightfall on 6 January, the party of Abraham Lincoln will be no more. Instead, the specters of Jim Crow and autocracy will flicker. Messrs Trump, Cruz and Hawley can take a collective bow.

Contesting the election result – a silly thing in my view – is akin to killing Reconstruction and bringing in Jim Crow.

After regurgitating for the umpteenth time unproven and unsubstantiated charges of electoral fraud, the senators invoked the election of 1876. Back then, the Democrats contested the outcome, conceding after the Republicans agreed to halt Reconstruction.

Well, yes, except who did bring in Jim Crow? Those Democrats………

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  1. Yes but, if you think the election was affected by fraud, what are you supposed to do? Let the Guardian decide whether the evidence is good? Let CNN decide? How do we turn things from unproven to disproven or proven? In a court. And no court will take on the job. What are you supposed to do?

  2. “a silly thing in my view ”

    Then you’ve not been paying attention Tim. Everything about this election stinks to high heaven. We’ve even seen Yes Minister’s four stage strategy played out in real time.

    Sod the mountains of affidavits – just look at the data. It stinks.

  3. “If you don’t submit to widespread election fraud for which there is now massive documented eyewitness and video evidence which Yank courts have simply refused to consider, then you’re RACIST” – some chutzpah merchant

    But no, the Senate won’t do anything about it (they couldn’t even bring themselves to pretend they don’t hate the proles over the latest “defense”/Covid relief grift bill). The GOP is perfectly happy to be the junior partner in the kleptocracy, this is just the slyer senators pre-positioning themselves as White Hats for fear of being primaried.

    The only way this even potentially gets fixed is through executive action of the type that would’ve made Julius Caesar spit out his posca. I don’t give that great odds of success tho, because Trump has a 100% track record of deference to courts even when their legal reasoning is “fuck you LOL”, and because I don’t think there are fifty righteous men left in Sodom-on-the-Potomac and even a chap as energetic as Donald J. can’t be expected to do all the work.

    As a general observation, there’s no point in not fighting for as long as we draw breath, because we are men (and must be swift as the coursing river). Rep. Gohmert was absolutely right in pointing out that a system which no longer permits peaceful democratic change inevitably invites non-peaceful solutions. We’ve been here before with a sprawling, crumbling empire ruled by geriatric thieves and gagging on increasingly ludicrous official propaganda, but I don’t see anyone – Trump included – with the massive, vodka-swollen balls of Boris Yeltsin in 1991.

  4. Once again you show a muggish streak Tim. Allow a CCP owned pair of cunts like Senile Joe and Kowmara Hate-Youse to fix the future elections so that no Repub ever wins again. Even the fucking Repub swampies should be able to see how dumb that is.

    I hope Trump uses ANY means needed to keep power. If USA’s days as a free Republic are done let it have a strongman rule by somebody who does not hate the country/people and is NOT a paid CCP agent. I DONT want America to cease being a free country but it would be better than CCP USA.

    And no malarkey about checks and balances and Repub Senate will save us. Increasingly it is rule by EO and if Repub cowardly fucks wont–not cant wont- stop an election steal they wont stop American tyranny either.

  5. If the Democrats won fair and square, where is the danger for them in having the results audited?

    If the results are fair, then it’s game over for Trump and he ends up being dismissed as a sore loser – whats not to like for them.

    It’s concerning that no one, not the Judiciary, not the media nor anyone else is bothered about the possibility of electoral fraud.

  6. Some Dems contested electoral college votes in Congress for every winning Repub since 2000. But this time it’s different cos it’s Repubs doing it.

  7. Trump made the political weather and the storm is China. Congress is united on this point and Biden is so compromised he won’t be able to do the CCP any favours. Until Hunter is safely in jail and Harris has taken over, at least.

  8. Given that there is video evidence/proof of election fraud, anyone who claims it’s unsubstantiated is a hack, although they are rampant in the MSM. And the affidavits and statistical impossibilities. Funny how Democrats bring up racist episodes that were they’re doing.
    And while the challenges may be a longshot, it would be a disaster for the Republicans not to call attention to this & fight it every way possible.

  9. “If the Democrats won fair and square, where is the danger for them in having the results audited?

    If the results are fair, then it’s game over for Trump and he ends up being dismissed as a sore loser – whats not to like for them.

    It’s concerning that no one, not the Judiciary, not the media nor anyone else is bothered about the possibility of electoral fraud.”

    Bloke in Brum has nailed it, this is the point that needs to be made and made again and nobody seems to be making.

    Opinion polls shows that around a third of the electorate is convinced there has been fraud.

    It is in nobody’s interests to have faith in the electoral system lost by such a large number of (well armed) voters (obvs nobody gives a shit about rural tory voters in the UK).

    This is a massive problem and I am staggered they are not addressing it.

    Really shows what a bunch of cunts they are.

  10. One year after a local council election I was going through the stats to send people a “Thanks for voting” leaflet, and noticed a higher-than-expected turnout from a residential home – one I had visited as a “civilian” as my grandfather was an inmate, and most of the people there was as non-compost as my grandad was.
    I passed my concerns on to the authorities, and their attitude was: wot yer complaining about, you won dint you?

  11. ‘The GOP is perfectly happy to be the junior partner in the kleptocracy’

    This, in spades. Ir also applies to our useless Conservative party, in office for 10 years yet rolling over to every leftist fad.

    I’ve come to the conclusion that most so-called right-wing politicians and journalists don’t actually believe in any of the stuff they say or write, and only do so to advance their careers and line their pockets. Case in point- their reluctance to implement the policies that get them elected, and the number of Euroskeptic journalists who when it came down to it backed remain.

  12. “Contesting the election result – a silly thing in my view . . . “

    In our (USA) system, law has two avenues.

    In order to change the election results, one goes through the civil system. In order to punish bad actors, one goes through the criminal system.

    The courts have kicked out most of the civil-system attempts on grounds that do not go to the merits of the claims – laches (fer gawd’s sake), standing, and various other procedure-centered issues that allow the courts to say “no effing way, this is a political question, and there’s no way we’re going to make a ruling that overturns the facial results of the election!” My hat’s off to them – this is not something the courts should fix.

    All of these issues were lost the day the various state systems allowed their election rules to be amended to allow unverified voting. That’s when we should have jumped. Instead, (I think), we figured we’d win anyway, and we let it slide.

    But we screwed up. We lost – the fraud that the new rules allowed was big enough to prevail. And now, expecting some judge to give us a do-over is the height of naivete’.

    So, Biden wins. That’s done. But what effect this can have in the future comes from the criminal court system. We can still investigate and prosecute those who ran the fraud.

    And, we have to do this. We’ll make other efforts designed to reverse this trend of “keep voting until we win” that the Democrats have instituted, but we mostly need to instill the fear of God into the cheaters, the liars, the frauds who made this all work. We need to burn their asses.

    And that’s what this Step 2 is designed to do.

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