Jolyon’s made his pile then

Apparently he’s left his chambers and is now to devote himself full time to the Good Law Project.

From which we might read that he’s made his pile, now time to concentrate on the gongs.

19 thoughts on “Jolyon’s made his pile then”

  1. Was he bringing any business to the chambers? In other businesses, partners who don’t pull their weight get sidelined

  2. He was a top grade fox-murderer–and in his fancy-dan dressing gown.

    All in all a good egg if you overlook everything about him and pretend you are looking at someone else.

    In the “Vikings” movie Ernest Borgnine ended up in a pit of wolves. I wonder if a pit of foxes is technically possible?

  3. BTW Tim rather than saying he has made a pile probably more accurate to say he IS a pile–with legs attached.

  4. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone, but leaving the high paying job, selling the expensive house, and starting something new that’s trying to look radical to the kids – in men his age isn’t that often a sign of divorce?

  5. It’s proof that the world isn’t fair (in case anyone imagined it was). If a total cockwomble like Jolyon can make enough at 49 to drop out of the rat race, then the rest of us should give the whole shitshow up as a bad deal.

  6. “Good grief, that’s a pile of unattractive pretentious wankery!”

    To be fair to Soapy Jo he didn’t build it like that. Its a 60s designed and built house, so part of that era’s desire to throw out the past and replace it with something as starkly ugly as possible.

  7. As sixties/seventies architecture goes, that’s better than some, but not the best and still depressingly ugly compared to the windmill. The bits of furniture and art he’s left in situ to “dress” the place look like cheaper copies rather than better quality originals and those posters look like the sort of woke rubbish you’d have seen in a seventies “Play for Today” by some pretentious right-on (as it used to be called) playwright.

    Given its age, I’d want a full building surveying; the concrete or steel frame will be approaching the end of its design life and a roof garden on a flat roof is likely to be the cause of some problems for the next owner.

  8. Thank you, BiND. Sounds to me as if he’s having a nervous breakdown, if I may use an antique expression.

  9. Ecks: I wonder if a pit of foxes is technically possible?

    Yes, especially if you pick the rabid ones. y’know… to make sure..

  10. A full structural survey is strongly recommended before *any* house purchase – a building society survey often consists of the surveyor stopping his car outside, checking the place hasn’t fallen down and ticking a couple of boxes. It’s certainly necessary on a one-off architect(?)-designed pad like Jolyon’s, but on our last move we put in an offer on a 5yo house on a new estate built by a very well-known high-end developer. As the missus worked in commercial property, she knew a bloke who would do a proper survey and his report pretty much trashed the place. £400 well spent.

  11. I have to say Soapy Jo’s house most reminds me of those flat roofed pubs you see on council estates from the 60s and 70s.

  12. Bloke in North Dorset

    I meant to add earlier, does anyone think he’s going to that non-profit out of the kindness of his heart to work for free?

    If you haven’t go and have a look, I did some time ago because someone cited them as proof positive that the Tories had used the Covid crises to corrupt the government procurement process to enrich their mates. They may well have, but that site struck me as a way for the those looking for a nice easy income to fleece the gullible.

    The first I heard of Soapy’s resignation was that Tweet and now I’m convinced of its role.

  13. If he’s jumped on the trans bandwagon as a born again trans activist perhaps we’ll see him in a dress sometime soon. I’ve got a rusty pair of pruning shears and will be happy to speed the process along if it will help. They’ve got extendable handles and i think i could cut them off in one go.

  14. BIND: Whenever I hear the term ‘non-profit’, I always assume the staff running it are scooping up every last penny.

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