Just to remind

Richard Murphy, one of the founders of the UK’s Tax Justice Network and author of The Joy of Tax, explains that “taxpayers’ money” is the money left in our pockets after we have paid taxes that are legally due.

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  1. “All your money are belong to us” says the Fat Controller. Thankfully he’s so obnoxious that he blew his only chance of getting anywhere near the levers of power.

  2. From Gov’s point of view, the quote is correct. The ability to tax is the ability to declare whatever amount desired to be their (gov) money to do with pretty much as they please. Whatever a citizen has in his pocket (bank, etc) is subject to tax until death. When pocket (bank acct) money is spent, more is taken. Purchase an asset (house, car, etc) & more is taken. Give some to family or friends or bequeath it to them upon death & only that portion the gov decides is not theirs yet has been property of the citizen.

    My mortgage is a deal enforced by contract. I pay x-amt for y-yrs & I owe no more. My property tax never ends & always increases – throughout my life. I can never end paying taxes due & it continues with any buyer of “my” house. My property taxes pay for more than I use & services I don’t want offered. In a sense, I can only “rent” my house at a rate decided unilaterally by gov, though I do usually, but not always (e.g. eminent domain), control when the “rental agreement” on “my” house ends.

    In the US, Social Security payouts are subject to being taxed as well. Citizens receive SS payments by some formula & are allowed to keep whatever the gov decides the citizen may pocket, where it remains subject to more taxes.

    Yrs ago some guy theorized that cities/village & state gov’s were the result of roaming bands of bandits who finally realized they gained more wealth by allowing citizens to keep some & build wealth they could tax forever.

    If BigTech does not like this comment, I may not be able to repeat it to my fellow citizens except perhaps in secret. Long ago the US Supreme Court ruled against the Railroad Barrons discrimination defense of “You can take a horse instead” & the owners of private roads & bridges for public use.

  3. “author of The Joy of Tax”

    Anyone who writes something with a title like that without even a hint of irony is definitely on the enemy side.

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