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Kill the quangos

We haven’t actually got a Tory government:

Natural England head Tony Juniper

Natural England is indeed part of the government. And what the hell are Tories doing having someone like Juniper in it?

No, we never will kill off the appointment of such idiots to run those bodies. So, we need to kill the bodies…..

7 thoughts on “Kill the quangos”

  1. My pet peeve with NGO’s is the endless ‘humanitarian’ support for ‘refugees’ and others which keeps wars going on and on and on.

    As you’ve guessed, I liked Trumps’ cancellation of payments to the Palestinians and the Houthis. I did check to see about the Sahrawis, but as far as I could tell, the US was only supplying food to some 8000 pregnant or lactating women.

    I’d concede that a certain amount of charity is relatively harmless, but since we don’t control these foreigners, and the last thing they’re interested in is doing what we want, I’d cancel most of it.

  2. The Tories won’t kill the quangos because, as noted, they are not Tories. And they have their own establishment whores to reward.

  3. If you want to kill off a quango just put Willie Hutton in charge of it, he could make the national lottery go bust.

    There are so many ways introducing a 30Kg predatory cat can go horribly wrong, I’m looking forward to it now. What’s the betting some weegie tries to keep one in his council flat?

  4. Can a lynx go after a red deer? I read that the Iberian lynx now increasing in Spain live mainly on rabbits. If they can deal with deer then a few round here to control the local muntjac would be good.

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