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How Biden Can Make America More Scientific
The case for a presidential social science council.

15 thoughts on “LOL”

  1. Here’s my tip: Google FBI crime stats and racial differences in IQ . That’ll give you some policy prescriptions to make America better, and best of all it’s Science!

  2. If they can make the social sciences more scientific, I say, “good on ’em”.

    “What’s that ya say Skippy?”

    “Oh” “OH!”

  3. If one may be permitted to paraphrase Prof. John Brignell (a real Prof.)…

    Putting “social” in front of “science” is the same as putting “witch” in front of “doctor”.

    (except in John’s case the prefix of “science” was “climate”)

  4. We need empirical research in debates about how to solve today’s most pressing challenges, from pandemic-related public health challenges to the economic crises that will persist long after we are vaccinated.

    The Left idolise “Science” because they don’t understand it.

    No-one does “Science”. Experts in particular sciences do their bit, but no-one knows much at all outside their specialty. Biologists don’t know squat about lasers, and aerospace engineers aren’t much chop at organic chemistry.

    Likewise, given how poor the pandemic has been treated by supposed experts, letting those same people near the economy would be ruinous. We already have health and economic experts.

  5. The problem with experts is the old one that to a person with a hammer every problem is a nail.
    Experts will always give a narrow approach based on those field

  6. Empirical research?
    Like actual evidence?
    I thought leftie crusades were about emoting and identity politics?

  7. Because we don’t yet have a plethora of federal agencies that discuss and enact policies for that very thing. *eye roll*

  8. So Much For Subtlety

    How Biden Can Make America More Scientific

    He can accept that an individual with every single cell stamped with an X and a Y is a man.

    Trump showed how utterly f**king useless our elites were. He produced better outcomes than the best the Ivy League could produce. Record economic growth. Peace in the Middle East.

    So these social “scientists” can fuck off. Then fuck right off. Then fuck off some more.

  9. Expect them to try to give sound science like Climate Racism and Critical Race Theory a veneer of “science” when in fact they’re just bitter blood libels to justify treating white people badly.

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