No Tom, really, no

Israel has already reached the goal Britain is hoping to achieve in over a month’s time. Despite beginning their vaccination drive over a week after the UK, Israel has now vaccinated 70% of citizens over the age of 60. This is enough coverage to have prevented the majority of all possible future Covid fatalities.

No, herd immunity comes from the whole population, not the vulnerable one.


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  1. Immunizing the majority of the age group most at risk can reduce fatalities, even if that’s still leaving younger folk liable to get a bad cold at some point.

  2. Vast majority of Covid fatalities are in the over 60 age bracket. 70% of them have been vaccinated ergo most of the potential *fatalities* have been prevented. Sounds reasonable to me.

  3. The claim is correct (majority of future covid fatalities prevented). It’s because that age group contains almost all of the individuals at risk of death from covid. Even if all 30% of the unvaccinated in that age cohort, 10% of the vaccinated in that age cohort (efficacy <100%) plus 100% of all other age cohorts get infected (which is not possible), the risk profile is so heavily age-dependent that that would result in fewer than 50% of the fatalities you would get in a corresponding no-vaccine, let-it-rip scenario.

  4. Herd immunity wasn’t mentioned.

    With this disease you can just protect the vulnerable (in this case by vaccination) and let the rest get infected. There is no need to vaccinate everybody.

    And the main reason Israel is closer to success than us is their population is so much smaller. Plus they’ve got their shit together.

  5. Bloke in North Dorset

    It’s a lot easier for a country with such a large part of its population having military training to mobilise the resources to implement the vaccination plan. The main point is that they got their orders in and have a pipeline that lets them deliver it.

  6. It’s important to cherry pick from dozens of variables from hundreds of countries so as to prove that the UK isn’t top in every single category.

    That way, Tories = deliberate killers of babies.

  7. The bad news is that, when the vaccine(s) stop COVID in its tracks, that will have merely cleared the field for some other corona/adeno/influenza virus to run riot.

  8. The government has been running in circles for 10 months like Corporal Jones, when the solution might have been on the shelf all along.

    Suppose large dose vitamin D + zinc + Ivermectin gave you the same level of protection as the vaccine. A dose of those unrpronouncable arthritis pills if you get a tickly throat.
    I’d laugh.

  9. “running in circles for 10 months like Corporal Jones,”

    And taking scientific advice from Private Fraser.

  10. ‘ …has now vaccinated 70% of citizens over the age of 60. This is enough coverage to have prevented the majority of all possible future Covid fatalities.’

    Age is not the primary factor, comorbidity is: 95% of deaths have one or more comorbidity; 70% two or more. Average age at death, 80. Age is coincidental because the existing conditions are mostly diseases of old age.

    Vaccination in the actual high risk group, may be contraindicated because of those serious existing conditions: ‘flu vaccination very often is, as it weakens an already weak immune system exposing the individual to other opportunistic or existing infections.

    We already have community immunity, because – nearly one year has past with the virus in circulation and which is now endemic – so few people have symptoms and so many have tested positive which, false positives notwithstanding, means they have had previous contact with the virus, have viral fragments in them (which is what the Pfizer mRNA product is supposed to cause) and thus have a prepped immune system and are immune.

    As for mass vaccination… many of those vaccinated would already be immune.

  11. ” And the main reason Israel is closer to success than us is their population is so much smaller. Plus they’ve got their shit together.”

    Exactly. Israels Government puts the lives and well-being of their own people first. The British Government; not so much…

  12. I have to say, the fact that the Israeli Government (under Netanyahu) is going all in for vaccinating its citizens does reassure me that the vaccine is in fact safe, and the worst conspiracy theories wrong. Can you really imagine them urgently injecting all their citizens with an unsafe, never mind deliberately injurious, German-made vaccine?

    Personally, I won’t take it anyway, because I have better things to do with my time than getting vaccinated against something carrying such little risk; and also because refusing the vaccine is the only legal form of protest against this whole palaver (still) available.

  13. When fridge ownership or indoor toilets or mobile phones went from 0% to close on everybody, we never saw headlines saying Britain is giving its citizens these things.
    But when vaccination goes from 0% to everyone except Corbs and kids, we are supposed to thank the State. In Israel it’s being run through 4 big insurers, I believe.

  14. The numbers required to have been infected (and recovered) or vaccinated for herd immunity varies with the virus, I think. Highly infectious agents like measles require much higher threshholds than less infection agents.

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