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Now, isn’t this a surprise?

Brexit UK should aim to be a global broker, not a great power, says report
Chatham House director general says UK must not seek to be rival to EU on foreign policy

Place where pompous gits broker deals says Britain should broker deals as pompous gits.

16 thoughts on “Now, isn’t this a surprise?”

  1. Y’know, although it was complete bullshit, I liked John Major’s idea of cricket on the village green, warm beer, schoolchildren being tortured with Shakespeare and whatnot.

    How about, instead of seeing our country as a gigantic shopping centre with an airport attached, a midget quasi-superpower constantly itching to bomb third world countries, or a petri dish for incubating weird and disgusting social experiments, we get some politicians who cherish Britain because it’s our home?

  2. Chatham House director general says UK must not seek to be rival to EU on foreign policy

    Quite right, because as the BRExit negotiations demonstrated EU foreign policy (being the preserve of the French) is a bloody nightmare. Far better that the UK concentrates on matters at home rather than funding Ethiopian Girl Bands or whatever it is that counts as foreign policy these days.

  3. Foreign policy is where a nation’s political class decide they will interfere in other countries’ business rather than deal with real problems in their own. The concept of acting in the interests of your own people being the most foreign one of all.

  4. Our foreign policy isn’t even interfering abroad in our own national interests. It’s interfering abroad for some Proggie bullshit. Personally I’d avoid interference abroad on both counts – what seems like national interest now but isn’t really produces a calamity two decades down the line.

  5. By all means Steve. Which ones please?

    Farage is sound on China and LDs–but his habit of winging it eg the nonsense about Bliar leads me to the controlled opposition theory.

    I wasn’t going to join or vote Reform after the Bliarbollocks. And the fact Nige is a vax-buddy and so clearly believes most of the C19 horseshit. And his betrayal of Trump.

    But I realised that he is the ONLY game in town at present –apart from little fringe parties like Heritage or the For Britain woman. Or the rump of UKIP..

    All these should–as you say–focus on the vision of what we want instead of in-fighting. But with Farage’s big ego and his dumb habit of winging it that hasn’t happened. Likely wont.

    Also how do the scum of the Left–who hate each other and murder each other if they get the power to–seem to advance their cause?

  6. EU foreign policy

    is whatever sells more German cars. Some minor policy stances are also driven by the need to let the Frogs pretend they matter.

  7. Britain’s role is now to trade and grow, everything bar defence, strictly defined, should come after that. Start racking up some quarter/ half percentage point growth (per capita) over EU/Japan/Russia/ and why not? USA for 7 to 10 years. In the meantime, no bail outs of states, companies or groups. Do not commit to any voluntary police action above a a brigade or a couple of squadrons. Ditto any regime change. Stay in Nato but stay the hell out of Ukraine, Baltic states, Georgia,Korea and anything with stan in the name. Sort out the recruitment mess and procurement omnishambles of her forces, then maintain them primarily for defence of the realm and maintenance of trade.

  8. I can think of a good place for all the pompous gits of this world. And strangely, I think Elon Musk could helpfully make this happen! Putting their bodies where their minds clearly are!

  9. It doesn’t seem to occur to remainiacs like the Chatham House worthies that Brexit diminishes the EU more than it does the UK.

    Brexit reduces the EU’s population by 68m, reduces its GDP by 15%, leaves the EU without its second largest economy (5th largest in the world), leaves the EU with 40% less military R & D, and diminishes its military capabilities hugely. The EU also loses one of its two members with a permanent seat on the UN Security Council, the world’s #1 or #2 financial centre (the EU no longer has a financial centre in the world’s top 10) and all its world ranking universities (including #1, #3, #5 – the highest ranked EU university is Munich at #32).

    Meanwhile, the UK remains as it is…

  10. “Meanwhile, the UK remains as it is…”–yeah –being ruined by the scumfuck Party whose expenses you pay.

  11. Dennis, Offender of Krauts, Frogs and other Wogs

    The EU has a foreign policy? I mean, other than snuggling up to Russia, hating on Israel and trying to make a profit off Iran?

  12. Dennis – that’s not a foreign policy: what you list there are commercial imperatives under which other considerations fragment and collapse.

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