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Now isn’t this a surprise

The government has launched an investigation into reports that laptops it distributed to support vulnerable children during lockdown had been infected with malware connected to Russian servers.

No doubt this will be used to justify a £5 billion Crapita contract if free laptops for all is rolled out.

13 thoughts on “Now isn’t this a surprise”

  1. Allthegoodnamesaretaken

    This answers the question posed here a few days ago: just how crap is a government issued laptop?

  2. ’ In all known cases, the malware was detected and removed at the point schools first turned the devices on.’

    It’s the unknown cases you need to worry about!

  3. Could it be that, after the child (the intended user) went to bed, the current purveyor of ‘services’ to the mother used the laptop to visit a dodgy website or two?

  4. So Much For Subtlety

    Just wait until the first child is “groomed” on line by one of Harriet Harmon’s friends.

    We will be paying millions in compensation

  5. Remember the school employee in the us watching the children in their bedrooms through their school laptop camera?

  6. And how.much malware will there be on these laptops after they are issued?

    Here’s a thought

    Why not issue all kids schoolwork on paper, we could call it a workbook

    They could work through at their own pace with perhaps phone support?

  7. If it’s possible to detect such malware then presumably it’s also possible to detect said machines being used to access teaching materials of a religious nature. Not that there’s any reason why this would be a particular problem in Bradford I hasten to add.

  8. It should be: Investigation launched as to why government issued laptops were not wiped and imaged with a standard build by local education authorities before being issued to kiddies.

  9. not a surprise! Not one for conspiracy theories, but the government’s intention is fairly clear. They are building 5G so they can data mine and watch us. So controlling the endpoints is surely just a part of that strategy. Hence it will be free government laptops and phones so they can control them. Ooops – free in the sense that to the extent we still have a functional economy, we get to pay for this stuff through taxes.

  10. @decnine
    “Could it be that, after the child (the intended user) went to bed, the current purveyor of ‘services’ to the mother used the laptop to visit a dodgy website or two?”
    Yeah, could be that.

  11. “Upon unboxing and preparing them it was discovered that a number of the laptops are infected with a self-propagating network worm (Gamarue.I). The network worm looks like it contacts Russian servers when active.”
    “Gamarue.I, identified by Microsoft in 2012, is a worm capable of downloading files on to a PC.”

    So.. the basic OEM preload is contaminated with a 10 year old worm that gets wtfpwned on first startup.
    Big Question: who has been playing Silly Buggers, and used an old image to …”contain costs”.

  12. Still waiting for that unlucky Crapita employee to knock at my door. Still have my sjambok and a jar of acid recommended by the BBC itself.

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