Odd person to be calling for pricks

Police need the jab

6 thoughts on “Odd person to be calling for pricks”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    So does being a “police officer” make women lesbians or does dressing up and pretending to be a policeman appeal more to lesbians?

    I really don’t care that much.

  2. They need jabs, straight rights, left/right hooks, axe hands, knees headbutts and a large barrage of kicks delivered to them also.

    I have been thinking about the punishment UK Plod deserves.

    Truth is Plod needs a mass sort out. Keep it simple.

    One single day when you can challenge Plod to a sort out WITHOUT ANY LEGAL COMEBACKS. So long as you don’t kill or cripple them for life you can call them out and have a go without legal or any other comeback. Any subsequent attempt to harass you or make you a “person of interest” is an instant sacking/loss of pension misconduct offence.

    What’s going to happen needs to be announced in advance but no date given to stop Plod running for cover ( as did all the Cairo cops when the Arab Spring happened).

    In the interest of fairness if you challenge a Plod and it turns out he gives you a kicking then you have no comeback either. Its only fair–so you would need to win.

    Mad you say? Perhaps. But it would leave the UK a happier and more just place the day after.

  3. I have to agree with Ecks the plod need taking down several pegs or more. They are now more like an occupying power than a public service. They may now be called the Police service but the Force lives on.

  4. The one thing holding the police back from harassing single women out for a walk is the fear that they might catch the virus. Remove this and let the predators breathe freely as they roam, so to speak.

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