Of course this would upset the Clintons

A lucrative market has emerged for presidential pardons and clemency, with associates of Donald Trump being paid to lobby on individuals’ behalf, the New York Times reported.

Thousands of dollars have changed hands according to documents filed by lobbyists to Congress.

The point of having the pardon power is that we get paid directly, no?

3 thoughts on “Of course this would upset the Clintons”

  1. Will the Noodle-in-Chief quietly give a pardon to both Clintons when he takes office? Or will he – or more likely his operators – have the sense to retain some power over them?

    What should we call his operators? “Puppet-masters” is obviously out – it’s gendered for God’s sake. So what to use? “Drone pilots”?

  2. I wonder what the Founding Fathers thought presidential pardons were for. I don’t think they would be happy to see it used for unspecified crimes, blanket immunity or to pardon crimes not even committed yet. But maybe they did.

  3. The US Supreme Court decided in 1886 regarding Presidential pardons – “[The Constitution] intended to, and in fact did, clothe the President with the power to pardon all offences, and thereby to wash away the legal stain and extinguish all the legal consequences . . . all penalties, all punishments, and everything in the nature of punishment.”

    . . . or to pardon crimes not even committed yet.

    No, the pre-emptive pardon applies to future charges for past crimes. There is no power to pardon future crimes.

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