Oh, do catch up P³

There is also another factor that the FT notes today. Foreign workers are fleeing the UK as the coronavirus pandemic and Brexit impact on job prospects. I have read the data underpinning their findings, which rightly says the figures are uncertain, but it is likely that 1.3 million people have left the UK in little over a year, with 700,000 leaving London alone.

As I’ve been pointing out for some years now the reserve army of the unemployed for the UK economy resides – often enough – in Wroclaw and Bratislava…..

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  1. The bulk of them fled the UK just before the first lockdown last March. If the FT is commenting on it, you know it is very old news. They haven’t done journalism for years

  2. I thought Prof believed there was underutilised capacity in the UK, capable of filling any role created? That was a rationale for his Green New Deal, wasn’t it.

  3. Reduce the availability of no questions asked housing and benefits for “eu”citizens of the world and that figure could really take off.

    The ones holding down decent jobs have no reason to leave, quite the reverse.

  4. We fudged our unemployment stats by, um, not counting foreigners who no longer live here as part of the count?

    Even by his pisspoor standards, this is horseshit.

    If the economy picks up, presumably some of them will come back?

  5. …and when I am not working in Doncaster I flee to Sheffield. Back home. Film At Ten.

    Unemployed people *always* go home when they are unemployed, to a base from which to seek the next employment. What do you expect them to do, sleep in the doorway of the factory on the off chance that that same employer will be their next employment?

  6. Off topic but it’s been announced that yesterday, across the UK, 1,854 people died from all causes. 2,638 of them from Coronavirus.

  7. By the way – what happened about the “disastrous lack of EU workers to pick the fruit” this year. There have been large numbers of apples in hedgerows left to rot but there has been a deathly silence from the BBC and “The Guardian” since fruit harvest-time. A couple of months ago I googled to try find some info but all it came up with was an appeal from the Grauniad for people who had experience of this year’s harvest to contact it: so either absolutely no-one picked any fruit or the Grauniad chose not to publish.

  8. The UK unemployed reserve will soon have large numbers much nearer than Poland–millions of former Great Paid Holidaymakers who have gone from 75% wages to 94 a week UC.

    Anybody want to speculate if Spewnak can extend his funny money as far as July without massive inflation and many steps nearer UK Venezuela? Each extension ensures there will be fewer jobs for the Hoilidaymakers once it finally ends. Does Sunak try and keep it going to Spring 2022? Anyone want to estimate inflation and potential jobs remaining by then?

  9. @aaa: “If the economy picks up, presumably some of them will come back?”

    Probably not that many. They originally came here when they were guaranteed equality in many areas with British workers under the EU’s freedom of movement. Since Brexit, and especially with the significant xenophobia seen during it, they may not feel welcome.

  10. Whatever you’ve read in the Guardian, Charles, Brexit ≠ xenophobia. There doesn’t seem to have been any reduction in the numbers of Eastern Europeans I encounter in the leafy Chilterns, and (anecdata) last week the late-middle-aged guy on the till in M&S was French.

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