One of the most glaring aspects of the Covid-19 era is yet another Westminster-centred crisis of political leadership, if not politics itself. This may be a polarised age in which the idea of millions being helped through dark times by the people at the top is laughably old-fashioned. Trust in power has hardly been a feature of recent British history. But it has been clear from the start of this crisis that Boris Johnson has neither the gravitas nor the basic administrative talents to offer us any convincing kind of inspiration or comfort, and the surreally poor quality of the cabinet only makes things worse.

Given that the Tories are – marginally perhaps – the competent ones that means that Britain just can’t have an intrusive nor embracing government then. Simply because the ruling class can’t cope with being so.

Minarchy it is then.

Whatever we think of Rishi and Gavin who does think that Anneliese and David Lammy are more competent?

8 thoughts on “Oh well”

  1. The surprising thing about Covid is the number of people who think government, any government, can do much about it.
    People seem to think that government can abolish death.

  2. Lesser of two evils is still evil useless shite.

    I hear numbers of shops etc are going to open 30th Jan in defiance of Blojob’s BS. I hope commenters will go out and patronise such businesses. In Italy/Germany mass resistance is underway. It seems bizarre that a nation who saw through the EU when those other countries did not has as much maskie cowardly scum as we do. A paradox indeed.

  3. Bloke in North Dorset

    Indeed, a look round Parliament makes you wonder if those who talked about a Government of All the Talents has heard of Poe’s Law.

    If Ian Blackford is the best the SNP can do that rules them out. Similarly if Liza Nandy is the best Labour can do that’s the shadow cabinet ruled out. There might be a couple of MPs working diligently in select committees and be quite competent, but as they haven’t risen to the surface they can’t be that inspiring.

    Perhaps Steve Baker might make a fist of it and some of those who’ve been in the Army might be useful during the pandemic because they understand crisis management, but I can’t see them as long term solutions.

    So, yep, minarchy it is.

  4. Steve Baker is now on the Dark Side, Boris has bought him so you can forget about him.

    Hmmm ex-Army… Tobias Ellwood… no I really don’t think so…

  5. Fuck me: look here. WKPD:

    David Lindon Lammy PC FRSA has served as Shadow Secretary of State for Justice and Shadow Lord Chancellor … since 2020.

    He’s a Police Constable? I can hardly credit that he could pass the entrance exam.

  6. It’s almost like…putting too much trust in government to solve problems isn’t a good idea. Interesting.

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