On the EU’s diplomatic status

True intellectual consistency would demand that were the EU’s demands to be acceded to, Mr Raab would need to call in 27 European ambassadors and tell them they were being downgraded to provincial emissaries no longer entitled to ignore parking fines or tax demands.

5 thoughts on “On the EU’s diplomatic status”

  1. Apparently once Frost took over the negotiation all the British negotiators referred to the EU as “your organisation” and it sent Barnier livid. Lol.

  2. Not being an ambassador, we need not address him or her as Your Excellency. I rather like “Your Mediocrity, but I’m open to suggestions…

  3. Hmmmm… I like that idea…

    Might be a nice wake-up call for some people. Preferably announced by Rowan Atkinson in a reprise of “Toby”.

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