Owen Jones’ Mea Culpa

As smoke billowed out of Caracas, some of Maduro’s UK apologists – the appeasers, the opportunistic cheerleaders, even some true believers – suddenly discovered consciences. In Britain, leftwing commentators had even less reason to embrace the man who remains Venezuelan President: domestic support for him here has always been negligible. Cheerleading for Chavez in Britain has always been a conscious choice, and it is all the more striking because it comes without the excuse of external pressure or cynical self-interest: indeed, it carries the price of damaging the cheerleaders’ credibility even among many Labour voters.

Those who made that choice in Britain are now attempting to walk away whistling from the crime scene, but apologism for the figurehead of the international far left – including the self-confessed socialists who stormed the legislature – should come with accountability.

Good to see him finally owning up to it.

20 thoughts on “Owen Jones’ Mea Culpa”

  1. Dammit Tim, you had me actually believing it for a moment so I clicked on the link to see it’s full glory.


  2. Great bait and switch Tim. Sadly the chance of it really happening is slim to the point of terminal anorexia.

  3. I think the U.S. is truly screwed at this point. Trump gave a speech that did not remotely encourage violence, including telling people to go “peacefully”. But businesses far and wide are dropping the hammer on anyone who doesn’t condemn him. Meanwhile, for most of the past year Dems actually did condone & encourage riots and violence – not exaggerating here, mind you.
    So Republican pols are jumping on the bash Trump train, alienating a lot of voters they’re going to need in the near future.
    It’s standard practice for the losing side in every national election to claim there’ll be no coming back from this, but I honestly don’t see how the R’s will have the majority in either house or the presidency for decades, if ever.

  4. Trump voters will also not turn up to vote because they think that the system is now permanently rigged against them.

  5. This is such trash from Fraser Nelson

    “The great puzzle with Donald Trump is why, after four years of his presidency, almost half of America still voted for him. It’s not personal admiration. Most of his supporters told pollsters they regard him as personally unfit for office; he’d prove them right quite regularly.”

    The thing that many people in the media can never grasp is how little most voters care about things like which cunt a politician likes to use or what they think about foreigners. They prioritise manners and decorum much higher than the average voter. Yes, George W Bush was never quite as embarrassing as Trump, probably didn’t cheat on his wife, but his actions in office were an utter disgrace. Try telling the mother whose son didn’t come back from Iraq that Trump was awful because he insulted Elizabeth Warren.

    How many American troops came home dead under Trump? How many times did he lie to the public about a war? How much did he raise their taxes? Was he going senile or just Hilary Clinton?

  6. BonM4 – all true, although I’ll add that the Leftists concerns about decorum are selective, blowjobs in the Oval Office were OK.

  7. I think the U.S. is truly screwed at this point

    Oh yeah. It was already fucked years ago tbf, but it’s now struggling to maintain the pretense of not being an irredeemably corrupt kleptocracy. Pretty obvious that Septics have little or no chance of voting their way out of what their “elites” have planned for them.

    Meanwhile, for most of the past year Dems actually did condone & encourage riots and violence

    Not only the Democrats, but also the billion dollar corporations who basically sponsored the arson, looting and murders of BLM/Antifa. And the prosecutors who ensured their pet rioters faced no legal consequences whatsoever. And the generals who Trump (foolishly and Boomerishly) used to trust, who vehemently opposed any use of troops to guard DC and the White House from violent mobs over the summer, and who are now issuing press releases pretending the high jinks of last week were the equivalent of 9/11 x 1000, and gleefully flooding DC with tens of thousands of troops to install the drooling placeholder and his blowjob expert sidekick.

    Republican pols are jumping on the bash Trump train

    Which is good. The danger, prior to last week, was that they’d get away with pretending to oppose the fraudulent election (they never had any intention of doing so, a few of them were mounting a token resistance for the benefit of dumb voters) and get right back to business as usual after Trump left.

    That’s not gonna happen now. Obvs, it’s incredibly stupid and self-harming for the Gay Old Party to denounce their most popular president in American history, but it’s not uncommon for dissolute elites in the terminal stages of societal decline to completely misread the mood of the proles, who they hate anyway.

    There is no need to be downhearted about it though, the United States had a great run but all nations (including ours) are mortal. What’s important is the future, which is not something even the most autistic of internet oligarchs or senilest of politicians can control. It’s going to be an amazing rollercoaster ride, which is all we can reasonably ask for during our brief time on this space rock.

  8. Joe Biden voted to start the Iraq War. So did Hillary. Trump didn’t invade a single country, or change a single regime.

    Guess who the media call to censor and remove for dangerous behavior?

  9. ‘Trump didn’t invade a single country, or change a single regime.’

    He also attempted, against considerable opposition, to withdraw all the troops from Syria. And attempted to dump Afghanistan.

    He at least succeeded in stopping the US taxpayer financing both Israel and the Palestinians. And also stopped the taxpayer supporting the Houthis as well as the ‘government’ in the Yemen war.

    Of course what really pissed me off was the Russian conspiracy claim, which meant he couldn’t cosy up to Putin the way he did to Jongo, and try and end the Ukraine war.

    I’ll be interested to see just what Biden does. The push at present seems to be for him to resume financing the Palestinians and Houthis. Of course he’d have to make sure that the wicked Yanks and Brits didn’t profit from the arms sales involved. Rightfully the profits should go to the Russians and Chinese.

  10. Gavin McInnes put it pretty well:

    “I don’t care what Justin Trudeau, Angela Merle and Macron think of the U.S. I care what Putin and Kim Jong-Un think of the U.S.”

  11. Dennis, Hot Rod Accountant of Central Ohio

    We’re all gonna die or end up in a concentration camp. Or both. Because.

    The Establishment Wing of the Republican Party is jumping on the Impeachment Train because they want everything to go back to The Way It Was. But that isn’t going to happen… They just don’t know it yet. This was inevitable. The Establishment Wing was going to go to war with Trumpism anyway, it’s just that they’re doing it in 2021 instead of 2025. This development shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. The important thing is to see what is going on at Ground Level… State higher office, state legislatures, and the House of Representatives. Republicans have been making gains at these levels, and those elected seem to be more Trumpist that Establishment Wing. The biggest problem faced by the Establishment Wing is that they have no one with enough credibility to become the Face of the Republican Party. Romney? Jeb Bush? Nope. Then who?

  12. Dennis – I’m expecting them to start pushing one-eyed midget neocon rent boy and fake “war hero” Dan Crenshaw as Jeb 2.0, but I agree with you that no amount of donor-friendly astroturf is going to turn the clock back.

    The collective delusion of the GOP is similar to the madness which afflicted Tory high command when they briefly convinced themselves they could deliver a shit sandwich in place of Brexit and remain a going concern.

  13. Stev – you’re spot on about Dan crenshaw. What a ConInc cuck wanker that bloke is.

    But they’ll push Nikki Haley in 2024. And she’s a bag of shit too.

  14. I’m guessing that the US may discover itself a Farage. But who may go all the way… The US version won’t have the public school education handicaps.

  15. Imagine if the US found a proper populist in tune with the people in the flyover states, the Trump voters. Would she go for the GOP nomination? I’m sure they aren’t going to roll over so easy next time. Or start a ‘third’ party. And split the vote. The best solution is for the pathetic GOP to move where the people are. Maybe they’ll need to be primaried a lot first. You need a ex-governor. Abbott? De Santos? Or maybe Pompeo. Or Candace Owens if she can be got into congress in 2022. Whoever it is will need a very thick skin and a way to finance a run when even the banks won’t take you on as a customer.

  16. @bloke in spain – January 13, 2021 at 6:11 pm

    The US version won’t have the public school education handicaps.

    I find it amusing that the fiercest “he’s public-school” Farage critics in the MSM and BBC are mainly public-school themselves. Said establishments being bastions of “old-boy” and nepotism.

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