Phil Spector

Just to see the difference.

Without the Spector mix:

With Spector:

10 thoughts on “Phil Spector”

  1. I enjoyed both and noticed the slightly different lyrics in the “naked” version – so it wasn’t just the mix.


    This is quite fun and gives a couple of interesting insights into a strange man. For those who didn’t know Ms Boccino sings rather like she speaks. Her name doesn’t actually appear on the Rock and Roll album credits but as Phil Spector was there producing most of the time her story seems perfectly plausible.

  3. Spector’s “wall of sound” technique basically makes every three-man band sound like they have a full backing orchestra. Some of its success comes from signalling value, as in “this band must be good since they can afford an entire orchestra”.

    It also apparently sounds better on AM radio, though personally I’d rather sit through a primary school recorder lesson than listen to music on AM.

  4. Interesting comment on his sound being better for AM, it’s a bit like the idea that the popularity of Bing Crosby and Sinatra was boosted by their vocal range being suited to the capabilities of the record players and radios of the time

  5. Weren’t the Beatles famously very unhappy with the Spector remix and it was one more nail in the break up of the band

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