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Private company, so what they want etc

Trump has lost Twitter, his biggest political megaphone. Now what?

But then there is that result of it. Trump did do an end run around that traditional media by using Facebook and then Twitter (Fbook was, from memory, more important back there at the start).

If the method by which political irruptions happened – or were facilitated – is now closed off then political irruptions are more difficult, aren’t they? To the benefit of those who do not wish to be irrupted, of course.

No, stating that Twitter, or anyone else, must carry such and such is as bad as insisting they must, by law, not carry such and such that is otherwise legal. It’s just one of those burdens that comes with liberty that is…..

33 thoughts on “Private company, so what they want etc”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    There is nothing wrong with demanding Twitter and Facebook must carry Trump. They claim a special status under the law. They claim that they do not pick and choose who uses their system. As they do not control, they have no responsibility. So they cannot be sued when someone mis-uses their service.

    OK, if they want to be a common carrier, they must be a common carrier. If they say they are like the phone company and not like the New York Times, then they have to behave like the phone company and not the New York Times. They must be blind to who uses their service.

    They are not. The government can reasonably demand they choose one legal status or the other. Not either of them depending on what is convenient to their interests at any one time.

  2. The “their gaff, their rules” argument has been superseded by their effective monopoly status. If they are a carrier as they claim, then they should not censor. If they want to censor then they should be treated as a publisher with the legal responsibilities that entails.

  3. The “private company” schtick is as dead as liberty. If that were not the case, Christian cake bakers wouldn’t worry about being hounded by litigious gays, companies wouldn’t be forced to do gender and diversity audits, and people wouldn’t be threatened with arrest if they leave their district or fail to wear face knickers.

    Facebook, Apple, Google etc. (the FAGs) aren’t private businesses in the same way as Mr Patel’s corner shop – they’re oligarchies which aggressively put their thumbs on the political scale while greedily guzzling billions in government contracts and coordinating the destruction of their rivals – as Parler is finding out now, they’ve been chased off the Apple Store and Google Play for allowing the President of the United States to use their service.

    Libertarianism is completely worthless if it merely greases the chute for unaccountable hyper-global-mega monopolies to oppress people in ways that governments couldn’t even dream of. The autistic billionaire tyrant isn’t preferable to the public sector version (in fact the contrary is true, the man from the Ministry is likely to be far less competent).

  4. The “Section 230” that keeps getting brought up roughly says “You’re either a platform or a publisher, choose only one” and that part has been honoured in the breach by affording the best of both worlds.

  5. The government can reasonably demand they choose one legal status or the other.

    But Twitbook knows the government won’t now, so they’re free to act as they are. Crony capitalism indeed. With Parler being banned from Google and soon Apple (and I suspect ISPs as well, so the web version is stifled too) it looks very coordinated.

    As I said a couple of days ago, we’re not in the same world anymore.

  6. we’re not in the same world anymore.

    No, we’re in the same world, it’s just that the implicit is now increasingly explicit. Pretty hard to keep Clownworld’s nose straight when an Englishman, in England, can be hounded out of his job and threatened by the police for claiming “white lives matter”, while a pungent Punjabi can say “white lives don’t matter” – and get promoted for it.

    These people hate you.

  7. No, we’re in the same world, it’s just that the implicit is now increasingly explicit.

    Just like 6th December 1941 was the same world as 7th December 1941.

    Though if our response to these events is to split hairs over metaphors then maybe we are still in the same world and deserve to be.

  8. Trump as soon as he became president should have stopped using twitter and switched to Parler or an alternative.
    It would given them an enormous boost and protected him from this in the future.
    Trump really was not any good at long term planning.

  9. Parler didn’t exist in 2016 did it?

    Trump failed by not getting stuck in to the big tech scum from day one. And by not preparing for election fraud from Day one.

    Alt tech is now the alternative. We need an Internet they cant control.

  10. Whether Parler existed or not is irrelevenat. Trump posted on Twitter because he wanted to communicate with people who read Twitter. Just as the BBC advertises in the Guardian because it wants to communicate with the people who read the Gurdian.

  11. And now he will have to use some other channel. Indeed 100 million people now need to be into alt tech. And all manner of covert communication channels need to be established.As part of the new Resistance.

  12. I accidentally switched on the Today Programme this morning ( while fiddling with the wireless I switched off Radio3). Amongst the salivating by the BBC hacks about Trump’s eventual defeat was some twat called Daisley who used to be a manager at Twitter. He said that his focus was to protect female politicians from abuse ( heat, kitchen) and to “push back” against free speech. This passed without comment from whatever Marxist was interviewing him.
    From the horse’s mouth and all that….

  13. Just tried to join parler on the web site. No password I suggest makes the stupid checker happy. Not even a long random one generated by Firefox. So there’s a blow for freedom not struck.

    I am not now nor have I ever been a member of twitter.

  14. ” Trump failed by not getting stuck in to the big tech scum from day one. And by not preparing for election fraud from Day one.”

    Very profound, Ecksy. First rule of military engagement. Don’t fight on the ground of your enemy’s choosing.
    It’s a criticism I’d have of Farage. Having no plans further than getting a referendum & then getting the result he desired. No game plan for what would come after. The presumption the opposition would play by the rules & accept the result. That only happens in cricket matches at public schools. In the grown-up world you play by the rules you enforce on others. The last 4 years could have been very different.

  15. Newsmax has grown rapidly over the past couple of years, helped no doubt by Fox deserting its core audience, and is now widely available.

    I would give that state of affairs less than a year to run before cable providers are brought to heel.

    Similarly the fact that Rush Limbaugh can close his own Twitter account relying instead on his 35 million radio audience (sadly a moot gesture due to Rush’s likely terminal cancer) would inevitably have been countered by increasing pressure on stations carrying his programme. What has started will not be easily stopped.

  16. Ah… The Great Censorship has already begun…

    There is the bit where if Trump is as competent as people believe him to be, all that guff won’t stop him.. He should have the funds to easily set up a couple of servers, install some software, and hire a couple of peeps to make things run to put his message out to the world.

    There’s no need for a presence on Twat and Farcebook if you run your own platform and make sure people can find it.
    There’s no need for a presence in the two main mobile app stores, if you set up your code right, and keep it clean.
    The app stores are mere monopolistic conveniences, not necessities.

    Of course… That’s if Trump and his team are actually competent.. And willing do do a bit of Don Quichoting..

  17. Dennis, He Who Refuses To Be A Whiny Bitch

    The vast majority of ‘Mericans don’t have a Twitter account. We call them the folks with real jobs… and real lives. And a substantial number of people who have Twitter accounts don’t use it, or use it very sparingly. The reason Trump’s Twitter messages reverberated around the world is because the MSM promptly published them.

    Twitter wasn’t Trump’s conduit to the masses, it was his conduit to the MSM.

  18. Grikath,

    We live in a world where 99.99% of smartphone owners think you need play store or its MePhone equivalent to install any software on your device (which you’ve told google your real name for and have to use their free email service and have to stick your data in their free cloud… )

    They are allowed to vote.

  19. @BiG Yes, I am aware..

    Then again.. That is if you need an app.. Crapbook works just fine from a mobile browser ( even if Crapbook hates it, and tries any way possible to have you install the app…). Same for Twat, InstaDork and all the others…
    There is no need for an app for anything on the web, unless you start talking real programs/applications.

  20. Twitter will regret banning Trump. Loads of people are now leaving Twitter. Many accounts are reporting that their followers have dropped. I don’t think this is Twitter getting rid of bots, more that people are leaving Twitter. So Twitter will end up as an echo chamber rather than the noisy bar. Soon even those left (pub intended) will think what the point is of Twitter when there is nothing left to argue.

  21. SadButMadLad,

    This sort of thing rather screws with network effects. It’s not just that Trump is gone from Twitter, the people who like Trump have less reason to be there, so maybe leave, and then that affects the people who follow them.

    I think the worst thing is that platforms get boring. You need a little spice in there. Everyone acting like the religious police is such a total buzzkill.

    I find myself shifting to Reddit. I like the community/forum structure and long form posting. Whatever odd stuff you’re into, there’s probably a community. And there isn’t an overwhelming amount of dull celebrities on there.

  22. Bloke in North Dorset

    “ So Twitter will end up as an echo chamber rather than the noisy bar.”

    Twitter is an echo chamber. They’re all in their own bars and occasionally meet in the street for a brawl.

  23. BiG. The internet was dying when people thought phpBB was a good idea. Eternal September… began a long time ago

  24. @ BoM4

    Reddit has already had purges of content it doesn’t like. It’s no better than the other SJW run social media sites.

  25. BiG,

    “The internet died when people stopped using phpBB. Because it cost a few bucks a month.”

    That’s a bit of an overdramatisation, considering Wikipedia and all the homemade MILF porn, but I like the decentralised nature of phpbb, wordpress and mastodon. And the cost is either decreasing or certainly falling in real terms. $2.50/month to host wordpress, 1-click install. You can run a site off your own money for that or maybe break even on ads.

    I know web marketing people who are constantly telling clients not to base their marketing wholly on Facebook or Twitter, but to get people visiting a website and signing up for a newsletter, because Facebook can just make you disappear, stop feeding updates, and those thousands of followers are gone.

  26. MrKing,

    “Reddit has already had purges of content it doesn’t like. It’s no better than the other SJW run social media sites.”

    It’s definitely gone in for more censorship than it did, which is regrettable. I’m not sure it’s gone quite as far. But it’s more the structure I like.

  27. Parler – I can understand having to register in order to join / post, but registering simply to see what it is, what’s there (it might be blank for all I know)? Not sure that’s going to get people on board?

  28. It looks like the swamp really is going to impeach Trump. Including the Republican establishment. Fucking twats have no idea what they’re getting into.

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