Questions, questions……

The race to replace Bill de Blasio: Who will be New York City’s next mayor?

Someone competent?

7 thoughts on “Questions, questions……”

  1. Of course not. It’s still the same clowns going up for these jobs. Until that changes no amount of voting will change it.

    I think that we do need a great reset. Just not the one they want.

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    The thing to watch for is whether a sufficiently Big Name has had enough of New York’s insanity and makes a break for Texas or Florida. There is some suggestion Goldman Sacks might.

    Eventually there will be a preference cascade and everyone will leave over night.

    It won’t matter in the long run because America is like World of Warcraft. White Republicans create wealth. Blacks and other assorted Democrats move in and trash the place, looting all the wealth. So the Republicans move somewhere else. Then the Blacks and other assorted Democrats follow them there. It has happened in the North-East. It has happened in California. It is happening in the Pacific North West. Not to mention Colorado and Texas.

    We need some form of Zionism for White people.

  3. I see Andrew Yang’s name. During the primaries he and Tulsi Gabbard were the only two candidates who were neither senile or batsh1t crazy. That probably rules him out here.

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